Special Events


Oct 22 to Oct 24
Friday to Sunday

Dir. Various - 2021 various - In Spanish with English subtitles - $15 General


Instituto Cervantes celebrates the ninth edition of Cine Magnífico! the Albuquerque Latinx Film Festival. This event has given visibility over the years to films and artists from all spanish-speaking countries. This year we have about twenty films and shorts that are New Mexico premieres and in some cases are U.S. premieres. All of them directed by Latino filmmakers because the Cervantes Institute and its Latino Film Festival's mission is to raise awareness of this culture.

This year the festival wants to focus, in addition to the artistic, on everything related to the film industry as Albuquerque and New Mexico are increasingly acquiring the category of "new Hollywood". To this end, we will be holding several round tables with experts and professionals from the film world, as well as meetings with local and international filmmakers and actors. The U.S. director of EGEDA (Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales Latinos) and of the Platinum Latino Film Awards, Elvi Cano, will participate in a round table discussion entitled "Is there a Latin cinema?” Also our director, writer Silvia Grijalba will speak with the director of the Albuquerque Film Office, Cyndy McCrossen, to explain the advantages of Albuquerque and New Mexico as an essential filming city for the European and Latin American market.

Of course, we will also have the presence of director Matías Meyer, who will present his film Amores modernos, which opens the festival and will also participate in the round table discussion “¿Existe un cine latino?”; and online meetings with María Perez Sanz and Christina Rosenvinge, director and main character of “Karen” (feature film that closes the festival) or the mexican director Adriana Ronquillo, with whom we will talk about the link between animation and the environment in her work.

The presence of local artists, one of the great challenges of our festival, will be in charge of director Alejandro Montoya Marín, who presents in New Mexico what is already considered a classic of the underground, the film “Millennium Bugs”. He will participate in a panel discussion moderated by the writer and chairman of the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of New Mexico, Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez, entitled Albuquerque: El Dorado of the film industry? in which he will be accompanied by directors Steven Burhoe, De'Angelo Bethea and Colin A. Borden, authors of the short films “Besties”, “Happy Anniversary” and “Scary Finger”.

Children's cinema is present with “Ticho”  and “Nahuel y el libro mágico” and youth with a UNM-sponsored film about the world of rock, “La noche de la bestia”.

Lovers of horror and fantasy films will enjoy the Guatemalan film “La Llorona” by Jayro Bustamante or the intriguing Contactado, by Peruvian director Marité Ugás; and those who prefer dramas will experience them intensely with the Chilean “La nave del olvido”, by Nicol Ruiz Benavides, the Argentinean Karakol, by Saula Benavente, or “Women is Losers” by Lissette Feliciano.

We look forward to seeing you from October 22nd to 24th at the Guild Cinema to enjoy the newest and most relevant Latin cinema. 


Friday, October 22:

12:00 PM - Short "PLAYBACK. ENSAYO DE UNA DESPEDIDA" (Argentina) followed by feature WOMEN IS LOSERS (U.S)

2:00 PM - PANEL DISCUSSION:  Round Table - Is There a Latino Cinema?

3:00 PM - AMORES MODERNOS (Mexico)

Saturday, October 23:

3:00 PM -  Short "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" (Albuquerque) followed by feature LA LLORONA (Guatemala, France)

6:30 PM - MILLENNIUM BUGS (México)

Sunday, October 24:

11:00 AM - LA NOCHE DE LA BESTIA (Colombia-Mexico)

3:00 PM - Shorts "SALIR DE AQUÍ" (Spain) and "MATRONAS" (El Salvador-USA)

4:00 PM - Short "SCARY FINGER" (Albuquerque) followed by feature LA NAVE DEL OLVIDO (Chile)

6:30 PM - Short "BESTIES" (Albuquerque) followed by feature KAREN (Spain)


ALBUQUERQUE FUNNY FIESTA! The Movie Dub Night Special!

Oct 22
Friday 7pm ONLY!

Dir. Tyler Jackson, Sammy Mowrey & others! - Now - 120m approx. - ALL SEATS $10

The Albuquerque Funny Fiesta, presented by Arts Hub, presents a one-of-a-kind event: The Movie Dub Night Featuring: The Bride of Frankenstein! Tyler Jackson and Sammy Mowrey will be joined by a rotating cast of comics as they dub over this classic horror movie, just in time for Halloween!. Join us for a hilarious evening that will riff on a cinema classic as comics spin brand new lines to the audience's delight!  For more general info, please visit  ALBUQUERQUE FUNNY FIESTA website!

ALBUQUERQUE FUNNY FIESTA!  The Movie Dub Night Special! poster


Oct 22 to Oct 23
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Various - 2021 - 60m approx. - FREE! SEATING IS LIMITED!

60 shorts. 60 minutes. FLOWER HOUR is a psychedelic parody of the online drinking game created by over 100 artists, musicians, and filmmakers, both local and international.

Bring your friends, get hyped, and let's lose our collective minds at the worldwide premier of this piece of underground cinema that's finally being released after over 22 months of work by the @lilyellowtags art collective !

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Jeff Berg's New Mexico's "INDIAN COUNTRY" clip show & talk

Oct 23 to Oct 24
Saturday and Sunday1pm

Dir. various - 1897-2013 - 90m approx. - All Seats Just $7 For This Special Event! **NOTE: DIFFERENT SHOW EACH DAY!**

Saturday October 23 show will be Part 1 of "Native Americans as Seen in NM Made Movies" - non Natives playing Natives

Sunday October 24 show will be Part 2 of "Native Americans as Seen in NM Made Movies" - the transition of using real Native actors/actresses 

Movies tend to show American Indians as created by popular culture. Although the people of New Mexico’s tribes and pueblos have long been involved in movie making, most often these works are ignored or overlooked.

In over 4,000 films (not just those shot in New Mexico), Hollywood has shaped the often-negative image of Native Americans. Classic Westerns such as They Died with Their Boots On created stereotypes. Later blockbusters such as Little Big Man, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Dances with Wolves began to dispel them. Not until a renaissance in Native American cinema did films like Once Were Warriors and Smoke Signals portray Native people as human beings. 

In this compilation of film clips from New Mexico–made movies, Santa Fe–based film historian Jeff Berg takes students on a unique “tour” of New Mexico’s “Indian Country” by showing clips with live narration of New Mexico–made films where pueblo and tribal people are featured in both positive or negative ways. Included is information from an interview that Berg did with director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals, A Thief of Time) who is of Cheyenne/Arapaho descent and the former chair of the film department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

The two screenings contain clips from movies shot at least in part in New Mexico and cover the time period of 1897–2013. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. 

Jeff Berg is a freelance writer based in Santa Fe. He is the author of New Mexico Filmmaking, published in 2015 by the Arcadia Press and Historical Movie Theatres of New Mexico, and 100 Things (now 94) to Do in Santa Fe Before You Die. 

Jeff Berg's New Mexico's

13 FANBOY - New Horror Flick with director in person for intro!

Oct 29
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Deborah Voorhees - 2021 - 99m - No Matines

Director Deborah Voorhees to give an in-person introduction!

An obsessed fan stalks his favorite actors from the Friday the 13th films and beyond. As a child, Kelsie Voorhees witnesses the murder of her grandmother, Friday the 13th actress Deborah Voorhees, at the hands of a crazed fanboy. As an adult, she discovers her grandmother isn’t the only victim and the killer is still out there searching for his favorite Friday the 13th cast members and iconic scream queens to slaughter, mirroring his idol Jason Voorhees, as he still can't seem to separate the characters in the movies from their real-life personas. The cast includes a myriad of real life actors and actresses from the Friday the 13th films as well as iconic scream queens playing fictionalized versions of themselves including fan favorites Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Jason X), Corey Feldman (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, Gremlins), Dee Wallace (The Howling, Cujo, Halloween (2007), Critters, ET) Tracie Savage (Friday the 13th: Part III), Ron Sloan (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning), Judie Aronson (Friday the 13th: Final Chapter), Jennifer Banko (Friday the 13th VII, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), Vincente DiSanti (Jason Rising, Never Hike Alone), and MANY MORE!

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13 FANBOY - New Horror Flick with director in person for intro! poster

POSSESSION - the great 1981 bizarro shocker newly restored!

Oct 29 to Oct 31
Friday thru Sunday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Andrzej Zulawski - 1981 - 123m - In English, German and French with English subtitles when necessary


Back in a still-divided, seemingly empty Berlin, a high-level wheeler dealer returns to a marriage so suddenly rocky that he offers to go to a hotel. The choice of Berlin is not accidental, for the film's three main characters (Anna, her husband and her lover) are also split, having lookalikes. But though she claims not to have been unfaithful, there's that soulful postcard from another man - and then it begins: the furniture-smashing restaurant argument, the extended binge, the confrontation with deceptively laid-back Heinz Bennent, the matched kitchen knife cuttings, the meetings in the creepily empty and desolate secret apartment, the blood-spattered murders, the crash into the police car, the sex with the doppelgänger... and then there's that Thing, courtesy of special effects maestro Carlo Rambaldi.

Fantasized from Zulawski's own messy divorce, the film can claim to be an underground cult horror banned under the 1984 'Video Nasties' Act as well as being a prize winner at both the Cannes Film Festival and the César Awards. Possession (1981) is a Bergmanesque marriage duel escalated into the violent, the surreal and the bizarre, featuring incredibly intense performances from starring Sam Neill and Cannes and César Best Actress-awarded Isabelle Adjani.

“Possession is extreme in its displays of emotion, unbearably raw at times, and quite extraordinary. No single film represents Zulawski’s passions, technique and excesses better than Possession. This is his Blue Velvet, his The Holy Mountain.” - Russ Fischer, Indiewire

“Deservedly notorious, Andrzej Zulawski’s 1981 film Possession plunges into a vertiginous free fall of amour fou, lust, hysteria, and unnameable, uncontainable passion.” - Nicolas Rapold, Artforum

“Begins at a head-banging pitch and builds to a state of genuine derangement.” - David Edelstein, The New York Times

"Wholly original." - Meg Shields, Film School Rejects 

"Both exhilarating and disturbing." - Daniel Bird, Film Comment

"A worthy contender for the title of the strangest, most disturbing genre film ever made." - Adam Nayman, The Ringer

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POSSESSION - the great 1981 bizarro shocker newly restored! poster


Oct 29 to Oct 31
Friday thru Sunday 8:30pm

Dir. Philip Gelatt & Morgan Galen King - 2021 - 93m - NO MATINEES - NOT ONE FOR THE KIDS!


Voice work by Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, Richard E. Grant & others!

This epic begins many years ago when an ambitious young man steals forbidden knowledge from a sacred plant and, as he falls to its darker temptations, unleashes ages of suffering onto mankind. As his power grows over the years, there are many who stand against him. Among them are a daring tomb-robber, star-crossed lovers, a maniacal necromancer, winged assassins, and an undying guardian.

A midnight movie at its finest, this is a film by and for those who love hard fantasy. Ralph Bakshi and HEAVY METAL are the touchstones here, with a sprinkle of CONAN on top. 

We're gonna crank it loud and let the lavish airbrushing and rotoscope work wash over you the audience!

"Extreme, skeleton-snapping ultraviolence... to watch it is to feel the wide-eyed thrill of many a Generation X teen for whom hard fantasy - particularly in animated form - was a gateway into more illicit spectacles." - Variety

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WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - 50th Anniversary Screenings!

Oct 29 to Oct 31
Friday thru Sunday 3:30pm

Dir. Mel Stuart - 1971 - 100m - NO MATINEES


The original starring Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson plus many others greats & based on Roald Dahl's classic children's book! A poor little boy wins a ticket to visit the inside of a mysterious and magical chocolate factory. When he experiences the wonders inside the factory, the boy discovers that the entire visit is a test of his character.

"Probably the best film of its sort since The Wizard of Oz. It is everything that family movies usually claim to be, but aren't: Delightful, funny, scary, exciting, and, most of all, a genuine work of imagination." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Every time you watch it you're newly impressed by its heartfelt story line, unfussy direction, wit and humor (with Gene Wilder giving a performance for the ages)." - Peter Canavese, Celluloid Dreams

"We all know who can sprinkle a sunrise with dew, who can make all your childhood wishes come true: the one and only candy man, Willy Wonka." - Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness

"All it took was memorable musical numbers, one of the movies' greatest comedic performers in the lead role, and a great deal of influence from the psychedelic undercurrents of the time when it was made." - Stephen Silver, Tilt Magazine

"Wilder brought a kindness and gentleness to the main character while infusing Wonka with a whimsical, childlike innocence." - Allison Rose, FlickDirect

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WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - 50th Anniversary Screenings! poster


Oct 30
Saturday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Adrian Ennis and Liam Corcoran - 2021 - 55m - A YOU ARE OK PRODUCTION - ALL SEATS JUST $7

DIRECTOR ADRIAN ENNIS IN PERSON!  ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE BY EMAILING youareokproductions@gmail.com or calling (802)349-3829.  

In a time of extreme division, what unites us?  

This hour-long documentary focuses on what it means to belong in America in 2020 and seeks to capture stories of adversity, childhood, and how we persevere in ourselves to find personal and collective power.  

Stick around for a post-screening discussion!





Oct 30
Saturday 10:30pm

Dir. Tommy Garcia & Chad Brummett - 2021 NOW! - 60m approx - ALL SEATS $8 - SUPPORT LOCAL SCARY MOVIE MAKING!


Cold brews and paranormal boos... The Painted Lady has been resurrected as New Mexico's only Bed & Brew.  Yet its new life as a b&b has stirred up spirits from the past.  The web series 'That's Some Scary Sh!t' turns loose on the property with an investigation into its turbulent past and current ghostly goings-on, featured on hit television series such as 'Hotel Paranormal' and 'Ghost Adventures'.  A fun, fright-filled evening of local ghost-hunting and hijinx featuring magician Jordan Jonas, ghost hunter Tommy Garcia and skeptical believer Chad Brummett.

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Nov 4 to Nov 6
Thursday thru Saturday 6pm, 8:15pm

Dir. various - 2021 - 105m approx. - MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER! ALL SEATS $25.23 (total w/ fees)


*PROOF OF VACCINE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. For the safety of our audience and staff, you must be fully vaccinated to attend this event. You will be asked to show proof of vaccine before enter the building. Accepted forms for proof of vaccine include: A physical vaccine card with your name on it, a digital photo of your vaccine card on a cell phone, or a digital screenshot of your vaccination status through your state's health department. There are no exceptions. Please plan accordingly.

The 2021 HUMP! Film Festival is screening in theaters this fall. Watch the newest lineup of sexy short films, curated by Dan Savage in a theater near you starting in September.

The indie porn festival for EVERY body! HUMP! is a lovingly curated festival of short erotic films made by real people for real people. The filmmakers and stars show us hot and sexy, creative and kinky, ultimate turn-ons and craziest fantasies. Our program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes—all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. HUMP! will shock you. HUMP! will make you laugh. HUMP! will turn you on. HUMP! has been successfully disrupting the way America sees, makes, and shares porn since 2005. Come and get some!

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Nov 5
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. David Fincher - 1999 - 139m - A NM ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE SPECIAL - ALL SEATS $8


Join New Mexico Entertainment for a special screening of Fight Club - There will be giveaways throughout the evening!

STORYLINE: A depressed man (Edward Norton) suffering from insomnia meets a strange soap salesman named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and soon finds himself living in his squalid house after his perfect apartment is destroyed. The two bored men form an underground club with strict rules and fight other men who are fed up with their mundane lives. Their perfect partnership frays when Marla (Helena Bonham Carter), a fellow support group crasher, attracts Tyler's attention. 

NME Movie Night is a LIMITED seat event produced by New Mexico Entertainment Magazine.

PROCEDURES DURING SCREENINGS: As required by the state, masks are mandatory during our movie screenings. We will also provide hand sanitizer and patrons will be reminded to perform basic hygiene practice while attending.

PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOU. Please bring your payment receipt with your current state ID and check-in at the Guild Box Office 15 minutes before the show. If you do not have your receipt, please make sure if you have your ID. We will have a list at the box office. In the likelihood we have a sold-out performance or event, tickets are subject to be released for resale to those on the standby list if you have not checked ten minutes after the show starts. Thank you for your punctuality!

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THE STRANGERS = the 2009

Nov 6
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Bryan Bertino - 2008 - 85m - A DARK ROOM HORROR SPECIAL - ALL SEATS $10


Explore your worst fears imaginable with this shocking suspense thriller inspired by disturbing true events. After a 4 a.m. knock at the door and a haunting voice, Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler) and James Hoyt's (Scott Speedman) remote getaway becomes a psychological night of terror as three masked strangers invade. Now they must go far beyond what they thought themselves capable of if they hope to survive.

"Bertino's directorial smarts are on display from the first slow-cut montage of rural homes glimpsed from the window of a moving car. It's a passage suggesting free-floating, arbitrary menace." - Adam Nayman, The Ringer

"This one's a neat little chiller that creates fear out of the familiar: dark corners in the room, peepholes that show masked figures, walls that are incessantly battered with loud knocks, glass panes that reflect strange images." - Nikhat Kazmi, The Times of India

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THE STRANGERS = the 2009 poster


Nov 7
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Rain - 1492-2021 - 90m approx - Only $5


A focus on some of the highest-profile MMIW cases. With historical points of reference, the victims’ and their families’ stories are told through the lens of the legal jurisdictional maze and socio-economic bondage that constricts Indian Country.  For the first time on film, tribal leaders reveal the devastating roles of drug cartels and gangs in the MMIW crisis. The purpose of Somebody’s Daughter is to alert lawmakers and the public alike that the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women crisis exists and demand urgent action. The new version of the film, titled Somebody’s Daughter (1492 - ) features US President Joe Biden, and is thought to be the only documentary that includes a contribution from a sitting US President. “Somebody’s Daughter is both hauntingly beautiful and emotionally devastating and should be recognized as one of the most important documentaries made on not only MMIW, but also on Indian Country in the twenty-first century” was typical of the first cut’s reviews.

“After watching Somebody’s Daughter many thoughts fevered my brain for hours . . . the search for a solution begins with first knowing a crisis exists.” - Wes Studi, the only Native American actor ever to receive an Oscar?

"Somebody's Daughter does a very good job showing why this is such an urgent issue in Indian Country. It is a great film, done on a very personal level.

"The film captures the attention of everyone who watches it so they understand why this is such a serious issue not only for our Indian community, but for the whole country. The film explains where this began, that this is still going on, and the how and why it is still going on. This is a tragic issue - and this is an extremely important film that must be seen." - John E. Echohawk - Founder and Executive Director of the Native American Rights Fund (NARF)

"A great work.” - Winona LaDuke, Internationally renowned indigenous author, Orator and activist/ Co-founder, Honor the Earth.

“A very powerful and important film for the world to see – equal parts beauty and tragedy, it reveals the horrific truths that are sure to ignite change.”- Georgina Lightning - Award-winning actress and director

“A heartbreaking portrayal of an underreported issue, “Somebody’s Daughter” focuses on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

The documentary confronts systemic racism, colonialism & genocide through the eyes of grieving & frustrated family members whose loved ones are MMIW victims.  Viewers are left feeling a personal connection to an epidemic that deserves everyone’s attention.”  - Great Falls Tribune

"A powerful film." - Indian Country Today

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Nov 13
Saturday 7pm ONLY!

Dir. NEGATIVLAND + Steev Hise - NOW - 120m approx. - ALL SEATS $20 - ONE NIGHT ONLY!


Created in collaboration with “live cinema” visual artist SUE-C (www.sue-c.net) and with opening support of fellow media activist and expanded cinema artist Steev Hise, the legendary sound collage group's new audio-visual performance project is about the world we live in, the minds that perceive it, and all of the evolving forms of media and technology that inevitably insert themselves between those two things.  Negativland creates art that draws attention to its own frame, and any frame  designed to be invisible (as all the most lucrative ones are).  In today’s media climate, it’s harder than ever to resist a voice designed to make you think it’s your own.  If going to a concert sounds like the risk you’re looking for, safety protocols permitting — then we’d love to see you in the room.  Time is passing quickly, and it’s not going to stop being normal for things to come to your attention.


DELTA SPACE MISSION (MISIUNEA SPATIALA DELTA) - Romania's first animated feature!

Nov 19 to Nov 20
Friday 10:30pm only / Saturday 1pm, 10:30pm

Dir. Mircea Toia and C?lin Cazan - 1984 - 70m - Romania - In Romanian with English subtitles

Imagine an early Eighties Eastern European space-prog album high on sugary breakfast cereal, “Heavy Metal” magazine, Hanna-Barbera cartoons and 8-bit arcade games like Galaxian and Asteroids, and you have some idea of the otherworldly weirdness of the Romanian animated sci-fi film DELTA SPACE MISSION.  In the year 3084, a Modigliani-esque alien journalist with blue-green skin, Alma, boards a state-of-the-art spacecraft named Delta – whose highly advanced computer brain develops a mad teenage crush on her with disastrous results.  An incredibly strange and strangely beautiful work of galactic eye candy, DELTA SPACE MISSION defies all rules of perspective and logic, like M.C. Escher and Moebius teaming up on a Romanian Saturday morning cartoon.  Fueled by an addictive Perry-Kingsley like electronic synth score by Calin Ioachimescu, DELTA SPACE MISSION grooves along folding space and time, an early Eighties Euro disco perched on the edge of a Black Hole.  With its egg-shaped spaceships, giant floating triangles and anthropomorphic computer, the film also brings to mind Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Rene Laloux’s FANTASTIC PLANET and the work of the Strugatsky Brothers (STALKER).  Long unavailable, the film has recently been scanned in 4K from the camera negative by the Romanian Film Archive and Romanian Film Centre (CNC) for its first-ever U.S. release by Deaf Crocodile. 


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DELTA SPACE MISSION (MISIUNEA SPATIALA DELTA) - Romania's first animated feature! poster