Special Events

Alice in Wonderland (1933)

Mom’s Matinee

Nov 28 to Nov 29
Saturday and Sunday 12 Noon ONLY!


An early adaption of the Lewis Carroll classic with Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and W.C. Fields??!!


Alice’s fantastic adventures lead her straight to some of the most memorable characters ever imagined including the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, Humpty Dumpty, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the original Alice in Wonderland. A very charming Charlotte Henry plays “Alice”.  An otherwordly live action wonde to behold, filled with spectacular sets and imaginative costumes, this is a timeless adventure for the whole family!

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A Place To Stand

Nov 30 to Dec 3
Monday to Thursday 5:45pm ONLY!

Dir. Daniel Glick - 2015 - 105m - No Matinees

The story of Jimmy Santiago Baca’s transformation from a functionally illiterate convict to an award-winning poet, novelist and screenwriter.

Told through extensive interviews with Jimmy, his family, friends and peers, A Place to Stand follows Jimmy’s path from Estancia, New Mexico – where he lived with his indigenous grandparents – through childhood abandonment, adolescent drug dealing and a subsequent 5-year narcotics sentence at Arizona State Prison in Florence, one of the most violent prisons in the country.

Brutalized by the inhumanity of his incarceration, Jimmy survived by exploring deep within, discovering poetry at his soul’s core. Through the life changing capacity of poetry, writing and arts, he stepped away from the violence and negativity around him, healing the wounds of his childhood and opening him to a new future.

Jimmy’s extraordinary life is both inspiring and haunting, simultaneously an indictment of our current criminal justice system and a model of the potential for human transformation.

A Place to Stand is inspired by Jimmy’s memoir of the same name, which has been called “elegant and gripping” (The Los Angeles Times) and “an astonishing narrative that affirms the triumph of the human spirit” (The Arizona Daily Star). It explores the life and mind of a man whose early life was dominated by sadness, rejection, anger and pain, a man who embraced language as a balm for his battered spirit, a man who – through the power of poetry – finally found his place to stand.

“At once brave and heartbreaking…a thunderous artifact…by a poet whose voice, brutal and tender, is unique in America.” –The Nation

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Bikes Vs. Cars

Dec 5 to Dec 6
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Fredrik Gertten - 2015 - 90m - No Matinees

The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. Activists and cities all over the world are moving towards a new system. But will the economic powers allow it? Bikes vs Cars, a new film project from BANANAS!* and Big Boys Gone Bananas!* director Fredrik Gertten, looks into and investigates the daily global drama in traffic around the world.

Climate change and never-ending gridlocks frustrate people more than ever. Instead of whining, people in cities around the world take on the bicycle as a Do It Yourself solution. Road rage and poor city planning creates daily death amongst the bicyclists. And now they demand safe lanes.

It’s an uneven fight. Activists and politicians that work for change are facing a multi-billion dollar car, oil and construction industry that use all their means to keep society car dependent. We know that the world needs radical changes to save the climate and the environment, but the car industry is selling more cars than ever. Today there are one billion cars in the world. By 2020, that number will double.

The film will follow the individuals around the world that are fighting to create change. We meet Aline at Sao Paulo’s Ciclofaxia, the weekly Sunday ride where one lane of Paulista Avenue is opened for bikes only. Aline is an inspirational person in the city’s bicycle movement, who tries to focus on the positive aspects of being a cyclist. But that can be difficult in a city where one bicyclist is killed every four days. And in Toronto, where mayor Rob Ford strips away the city’s bike lanes in his battle to win the “war on cars,” we watch as members of the Urban Repair Squad infiltrate the streets at night, using spray paint and stencils to replace them.

From bike activists in Sao Paulo and Los Angeles, fighting for safe bike lanes, to the City of Copenhagen, where forty percent commute by bike daily, Bikes vs Cars will look at both the struggle for bicyclists in a society dominated by cars, and the revolutionary changes that could take place if more cities moved away from car-centric models.

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Abe Makes A Movie

Dec 7 to Dec 10
Monday to Thursday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Ryan Turri - 2015 - 102m - No Matinees - Some of the Cast & Crew in person!

From writers Ryan Turri and Matt Peterson (The Bigfoot Election), comes a new feature film comedy, Abe Makes A Movie. Recently dumped, an underachieving want-to-be filmmaker assembles a ragtag crew of offbeat characters to make a movie for a local film festival in an effort to win his ex girlfriend back.

Starring Matt Peterson, Lauren Myers, TIm Maloney, Bruce Wong, Alaina Warren Zachary, Joe Berryman, Megan Pribyl, Drew Wayne, Melissa Heiman, Fernando Fresquez, Julia Harris, Nicholas B. Munoz, Dennis E. Garber, Rodney Nagel, Linda Diane Holley and more...

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Life In G-Chord: The Hisao Shinagawa Documentary - A SCREENING & PERFORMANCE!

Dec 12
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Peter I. Chang - 2008 - 66m - All Seats $8 - HISAO SHINAGAWA IN PERSON!!



A documentary about the street musician Hisao Shinagawa a Japanese singer/songwriter who has refused to give up on his elusive dream of success and stardom regardless of personal cost and the solitary reality of his life. For 42 years he has cast himself as the Japanese Bob Dylan. Moving from Tokyo to America in 1974 following in the footsteps of his hero Woody Guthrie he befriended Johnny Cash and Townes Van Zandt after hitchhiking to Nashville. Now at 60 he plays his music on the streets of Los Angeles while living in near poverty still hoping to find an audience in a manner that is admirable bittersweet and ultimately heartbreaking. The Atomic Music of Shinagawa!

"The story of this self-proclaimed 'Japanese Bob Dylan' is an engaging exploration of one man's desire to make peace with his past while struggling to cope with his uncertain future." - The New Mexican

"An interesting portrait of an outsider artist who has lead an amazing life. Hisao Shinagawa is strange, passionate, and one of those people who lives life on his own offbeat terms." — John Wallis, DVD Talk

"With the skillful use of archival footage, collage, and Hisao's own music to address concerns of mortality, memory, and loss, this touching examination of an aging man taking stock of his past is handled deftly as Hisao's life moves from the atomic cityscape of post-World War II Hiroshima to the modern streets of Los Angeles." — Barnes & Noble, Editorial Staff Review

"One of the most intimate and interesting documentaries I have seen in a long time." — Robert L. Hughes, Well-Executed Buffet

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Topper Returns (1941)

Dec 12 to Dec 13
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Roy Del Ruth - 1941 - 88m - All Seats Just $5


The third and final entry in Hal Roach's famed "Topper" trilogy may very well be the best of the lot. Returning for their third portrayal of Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Topper, Roland Young and Billie Burke are consistently upstaged by a sparkling new addition to the "Topper" troupe, Jack Benny's famed manservant, the loveable and irascible Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. This time around there is a "new" ghostly presence in the shapely form of Joan Blondell, who is unceremoniously dispatched by a cloaked knife murderer in a case of mistaken identity. Naturally, Joan floats over to the Topper's quiet abode and nags Cosmo into investigating her death. Back they come to the spooky scene of the crime, where Topper is accused of the murder by a houseful of creeps headed by ghoulmeister George Zucco. And who else should be the lead detective on the case, but the uproarious Donald McBride of "Room Service" fame, thoroughly bungling everything in sight!

"Really funny sequel that outdoes its predecessors." - Ken Hanke, Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

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Dec 19 to Dec 20
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Zeresenay Berhane Mehari - 2015 - 96m - Ethiopia - In Amharic with English subtitles

From executive producer Angelina Jolie Pitt comes the award-winning drama DIFRET, based on the inspirational true story of a young Ethiopian girl and a tenacious lawyer embroiled in a life-or-death clash between cultural traditions and their country’s advancement of equal rights. When 14-year-old Hirut is abducted in her rural village’s tradition of kidnapping women for marriage, she fights back, accidentally killing her captor and intended husband. Local law demands a death sentence for Hirut, but Meaza, a tough and passionate lawyer from a women’s legal aide practice, steps in to fight for her. With both Hirut’s life and the future of the practice at stake the two women must make their case for self-defense against one of Ethiopia’s oldest and most deeply-rooted traditions. DIFRET paints a portrait of a country in a time of great transformation and the brave individuals ready to help shape it.

"Gripping ... Authentic" - LA TIMES

"A powerful drama based on a true story" - Hollywood Reporter

"A story of conscience and conviction that ought to inspire everyone" - Senator John Kerry

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The Jerk - As Part of Our Steve Martin HAPPY NEW YEAR double feature!

Dec 31 to Jan 1
Thursday and Friday 6:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Carl Reiner - 1979 - 99m - No Matinees

He was a poor black sharecropper's who never dreamed he was adopted ...

That wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin, makes his film-starring debut in this wacky Carl Reiner comedy! Steve portrays Navin Johnson, adopted son of a poor black sharecropper family, whose crazy inventions lead him from rags to riches and right back to rags. Along the way in the grandly lame-brained adventure, he’s smitten with a lady motorcycle racer, survives a series of screwball attacks by a deranged killer and becomes a millionaire by inventing the ‘Opti-grab’ handle for glasses. It’s an outrageous comedy with one laugh after another!  Also starring Bernadette Peters, Catlin Adams, Mabel King and Richard Ward!

“The Jerk is by turns funny, vulgar and backhandedly clever, never more so than when it aspires to absolute stupidity.” – Janet Maslin, New York Times

"Steve Martin is at the height of his comic powers in this very un-PC comedy." - Cole Smithey, ColeSmithey.com

"An oddball odyssey so strange, filled with non-sequiturs so funny, and decorated by a romance so sweet, it was an inevitable star-maker." - Simon Miraudo, Quickflix

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The Man With Two Brains - As Part of Our Steve Martin HAPPY NEW YEAR double feature!

Dec 31 to Jan 1
Thursday and Friday 4:30, 8:45

Dir. Carl Reiner - 1983 - 90m

Steve Martin and Carl Reiner concoct one of Martin's best comic vehicles with Martin playing the world's top brain surgeon, Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr -- he ought to know, he said so himself! Widowed, world-famous neurosurgeon Michael Hfuhruhurr (Steve Martin) is trapped in a loveless marriage with Dolores Benedict (Kathleen Turner), who is interested only in Hfuhruhurr's money. On a trip to Vienna to attend a medical conference, Hfuhruhurr falls in love with a bottled brain (voiced by Sissy Spacek), and finds himself in the middle of murders committed by the elevator killer!  Also starring a great David Warner!

"This is the most assured and hilarious of the three Martin-Carl Reiner collaborations." -  Richard Schickel, Time Magazine

"Hilarious. Underrated Martin." - Jeffrey M. Anderson, San Francisco Examiner

"Pure escapist madness. And a helluvalota fun." - Empire Staff

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