Special Events

Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form - A Free AIA Movie Night Special

Oct 27
Thursday 7pm ONLY!

Dir. Aimee Madsen - 2014 - 80m - An AIA Albuquerque movie night! Free but seating is limited so you must pick up a ticket first!

FREE Tickets are available at our box office beginning at 6pm the day of - Seating is limited - TWO TICKETS PER PERSON, PLEASE!


“Genre and ground-breaking architect Paolo Soleri remains largely unknown outside of architectural circles, but his legacy as an artist, builder and urban theorist is staggering. Narrated by actor-activist Peter Coyote, Aimee Madsen’s documentary takes a close look at Soleri’s origins and lifelong labor of love–the futuristic city of Arcosanti which Soleri sets in the unforgiving desert outside Phoenix, Arizona. Inspiring a near cultlike following rivaled only by the passionate devotees of the architectural giant Frank Lloyd Wright, Soleri’s city continues to grow piece-by-piece long after the death of its creator. Soleri is the most interesting architect you’ve never heard of.” - Herb Stratford (program director Napa Valley Film Festival

“Soleri’s life and work have been memorialized in a beautiful and soulful film.” - Taz Loomans

“The film has humor, beauty and spectacular cinematography!” - Steve Weiss

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Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form - A Free AIA Movie Night Special poster

Porches and Private Eyes

Oct 27
Thursday 4:30, 9:15 ONLY!

Dir. Travis Mills - 2016 - 90m - DIRECTOR IN PERSON!

PORCHES AND PRIVATE EYES tells the story of three women in the small town of Brookhaven, Mississippi whose gossip circle turns to amateur detective work when an old man in town disappears. The film is a comedy/murder-mystery in the style of The Burbs or Clue dipped in Southern culture like Fried Green Tomatoes or Steel Magnolias. 

The film features actors Lynn Forney, Marlene Cupit and Elise McMurry.

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Porches and Private Eyes poster

The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck

Oct 28 to Oct 31
Friday to Monday 6pm, 8:15

Dir. Roman Polanski - 1967 - 107m - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Who says Vampires are no laughing matter? Director Roman Polanski hilariously spoofs the horror genre with this tale of bumbling vampire hunters and the beautiful young object of their rescue attempts--who is quite happy being undead.

“The film amiably runs through all the standbys associated with vampire movies, putting a personal and goofy spin on most of them.” - Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

“Funny and scary, this is vintage Polanski.” - Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

“Lustrous caricature of Hammer frights.” - Fernando F. Croce, CinePassion

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The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck poster

Bride Of Frankenstein

Oct 29 to Oct 30
Saturday and Sunday 4pm ONLY!

Dir. James Whale - 1935 - 75m - ALL SEATS JUST $5


In one of the most popular horror films of all time, The Bride of Frankenstein, Boris Karloff reprises his role as the silver screen’s most misunderstood monster who now longs for a mate. Continuing exactly where the original left off, the critically acclaimed sequel introduces Dr. Pretorius (Ernest Thesiger) as a deranged scientist who forces Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) to help him create a companion for the monster. Once again directed by James Whale and adapted from Mary Shelley’s classic novel, the sequel features outstanding makeup and special effects, instantly making the Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester) one of the most recognizable monsters of all time.

“Whale's most perfectly realised movie, a delight from start to finish.” - Geoff Andrew. Time Out

“Another astonishing chapter in the career of the Monster.” - Frank S. Nugent, New York Times

“A must for anyone with even a passing interest in horror, this not only confirms Karloff as a master of the genre, but also shows, more than any of Whale's subsequent films, the influence of his vision.” - Film4

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Bride Of Frankenstein poster

Fortune - a Damon & Naomi cine-concert

Nov 4
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Naomi Yang - 2016 - 30m approx - SILENT FILM/LIVE SCORE!! - ALL SEATS $8

11 new songs written and performed by Damon & Naomi (formerly of GALAXIE 500)

About the silent movie FORTUNE - Norman’s father was a society portrait painter. After his father’s death, Norman faces the burden of inheriting his father’s life’s work. He struggles with conflicting feelings about a man who was a gifted artist, but a difficult and unsupportive father. In this emotional journey Norman reconnects with his own artistic nature, something that had not been possible while his father was alive – finally emerging from his father’s shadow, and the shadow of his grief.


The idea of a silent movie for which we would then write a soundtrack came to me in Turin, Italy, December 2011. Damon and I were on tour behind our most recent album, and arrived in town to perform at a venue called “Blah Blah” -- which from its name sounded like it had a 100% rock pedigree, but which turned out in fact to be the oldest movie theater in Turin. The room was a haunted gem, with a tiny projection booth accessible only from a narrow anonymous door under the arcades on the main street in town. The venue asked if we wanted to show a film or a DVD behind our musical performance; we were sorry not to take advantage of this opportunity. But there happened to be a used book and DVD stall just outside the venue, so we went looking for a film that we could perhaps use during the show and found a copy of Paul Leni’s 1924 “Waxworks.” We decided to take a chance and had the venue screen it behind our show, sight unseen.

The combination turned out to work so well, that we continued to play in front of this film throughout the rest of our Italian tour. It also inspired me to film my own “silent movie,” for which we could deliberately write the music.

I enlisted the help of my old friend Norman von Holtzendorff, who has a similar love of silent movies as well as a melodramatic flair. In addition to a common aesthetic, we shared the fact that each of us had lost our fathers in the past year, and both of our fathers had been artists who left us with the enormous responsibility for taking care of their life’s work. Norman and I each now had a storage space filled with our respective father’s work, and we were both trying to cope with the responsibility. And similarly, while each of us deeply admired our fathers’ artistic work, we had also both struggled throughout out adult lives with the aftermath of their very flawed parenting. 

We set out to in some way record this duality. I used my father’s old tripod and the lenses he had left me, filming Norman surrounding himself with his father’s image and paintings and exploring his own gender identity, which had been a source of friction between himself and his father. We worked together over the course of a year -- screening the footage in between shoots, planning the next determined by the footage that we had created.

What started as a lark -- “Hey Norman, I am making a silent film, do you want to be my Theda Bara?” -- became a transformative experience for both of us. I think it allowed us each to gain distance on our fathers and their work -- to make use of what we had learned from them, but focus on what we hoped to achieve for ourselves and our own work.

Fortune - a Damon & Naomi cine-concert poster

Gandhi's Gift

Nov 6
Sunday 1pm

Dir. Kell Kearns - 2016 - 56m - All Seats $10 - DIRECTOR & PRODUCER IN PERSON!!

With rare archival photographs and footage, with commentary by historians and those who knew him, with brilliant insights into his mind during his final, tragic and triumphant years, with his prescient message of nonviolence, interfaith harmony and sustainability. His Gift could be more crucial for humanity now than even when he walked the earth. This is Gandhi For The 21st Century.

"A beautiful and inspiring preview. I can think of no one more able to bring Gandhi and his message to life on the screen than Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas of Heaven on Earth Creations. They have brought such amazing figures as Rumi ("Rumi Returning") and Martin Luther King, Jr. ("In Remembrance of Martin") to us in prior films. I await "Gandhi's Gift" with much anticipation." - Marlene Goldsmith, Pittsburgh

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Gandhi's Gift poster

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 observations from the 21st century American road

Nov 10
Thursday 7pm ONLY!

2016 - 105m - All Seats $8

ACVilla and Thollem McDonas are traveling throughout the continental U.S. from March to November creating an audio/visual experience of America in the early 21st century. Though it is intentionally during the elections, the results are as much sociological as political and as artistic as sociological.  Through a series of allegorical vignettes that become pieces of a larger puzzle each viewer must solve in their own unique way, Who Are U.S. encourages reflection on who we are as individuals as well as U.S.

Visually it is a panoply of the unique and the common; the humorous and the tragic; everyday idiosyncrasies and abstractions; undercurrents; hidden agendas and extreme creativity. 

The soundtrack forges elements from the wide array of sounds created in this extremely multi-cultural country from Bluegrass to Gamelan, Punk to Free Jazz, Salsa to Noise, Baroque to Hip-Hop to Persian music with field recordings of city scenes, Bingo games, F16s, protesters, sirens, ice cream trucks and…

Focusing the camera on the points where people meet their environment and each other,  these serendipitous visual moments and sonic influences transform the mundane into the exotic and reveal the familiar in the strange.

The final feature length film premieres two days after the elections at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, where Silver Ochre’s tour began more than 7 months ago…

View a teaser/taste of what  might be coming our way here and here !

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 observations from the 21st century American road poster

French Cancan

Nov 12 to Nov 13
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Jean Renoir - 1955 - 105m - All Seats just $5

An ALBUQUERQUE FILM CLUB special co-presentation!

Nineteenth-century Paris comes vibrantly alive in Jean Renoir’s exhilarating tale of the opening of the world-renowned Moulin Rouge. Jean Gabin plays the wily impresario Danglard, who makes the cancan all the rage while juggling the love of two beautiful women—an Egyptian belly-dancer and a naive working girl turned cancan star. This celebration of life, art and the City of Light (with a cameo by Edith Piaf) is a Technicolor tour de force by a master of modern cinema.

“This 1955 Technicolor musical is the easiest to like of Jean Renoir's late films, full of color, movement, and romance.” - Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

“The climactic cancan scene is one of the finest dance sequences ever filmed, and worth the price of a ticket on its own.” - Time Out

“A simple story told with abundant charm.” - Allan Hunter, Daily Express (UK)

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French Cancan poster

Do Not Resist

Nov 19 to Nov 20
Saturday and Sunday 1pm

Dir. Craig Atkinson - 2016 - 72m - No Matinees


An urgent and powerful exploration of the rapid militarization of the police in the United States. Starting on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, as the community grapples with the death of Michael Brown, DO NOT RESIST– the directorial debut of Detropia cinematographer Craig Atkinson – offers a stunning look at the current state of policing in America and a glimpse into the future. The Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary puts viewers in the center of the action – from a ride-along with a South Carolina SWAT team and inside a police training seminar that teaches the importance of “righteous violence” to the floor of a congressional hearing on the proliferation of military equipment in small-town police departments – before exploring where controversial new technologies, including predictive policing algorithms, could lead the field next.

"A QUIETLY SEETHING LOOK AT PRESENT-DAY POLICING in America. An experience best had in a cinema." - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"A SNAPSHOT OF AN INFURIATING DISCONNECT between power players and disenfranchised targets." - Eric Kohn, Indiewire


"HAUNTING. POWERFUL. I had to force myself to exhale." - Radley Balko, Washington Post

"A TOO RARE KIND of topical documentary: the one that makes it points through what it presents onscreen, without extra commentary." - Matt Prigge, Metro

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Do Not Resist poster

Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016 - SEE THE WORLD, FEED YOUR MIND: ANIMATED SHORTS

Mom’s Matinee

Nov 26 to Nov 27
Saturday and Sunday 12 Noon ONLY!

2016 - 66m - Mom's Matinee keeps the great kids fests rolling right in! All Seats only $5

Zip around the world with this baker’s dozen of high-energy, high-imagination animated shorts. You’ll be dazzled by the light, color and storytelling in this vibrant celebration of creativity. Meet the world’s tidiest mouse, see sushi come to life, fly high in the sky with a flock of birds, watch out for trouble in a wacky barnyard, make music with a jazzy octopus, and see how kindness can change the day.

Konigirikun - A Small Rice Ball  (Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 2015, 5 min) Nonverbal.

Winner! Audience favorite short animation, CFFS 2016!  Sushi animation brings to life the adventures of a rice ball kid and his pet broccoli. 

Pik-Pik-Pik  (Dmitry Vysotskiy, Russia, 2014, 3:40 min) Nonverbal.

Ants and birds learn how to work together to save a tree that they all live in.

Very Lonely Cock - (Leonid Shmelkov, Russia, animation, 2015, 6 min) Mostly nonverbal, with some Russian with English subtitles.

A day starts out like any other for a hen, but soon, things begin to go haywire in the barnyard.

PAWO (Antje Heyn, Germany, animation, 2015, 7:39 min) Nonverbal.

This film, named for the Tibetan word for “being brave,” takes us on a girl’s adventure to a world, where she becomes aware of her strength and skills.

Granddaughter - (Nicolas P. Villarreal, Argentina, 2014, 5:10 min) Nonverbal.

A girl experiences contact with her grandmother as a shower of light and color.

Perfect Houseguest - (Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, USA, 2015, 1:35 min) Nonverbal.

West Coast premiere!  A tiny mouse just can’t resist tidying everything up when he pays a visit to a house.

Noir - (Soyeon Kim, US/Korea, 2015, 3:20 min) Nonverbal.

A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird.

Schwammerlbert - (Pia Auteried, Germany, 2014, 4:26 min) Nonverbal.

A mushroom awakens one morning, missing his cap! What’s a little fungus to do?

Abstract Painting - (Tatiana Skorlupkina, Russia, animation, 2015, 6:34 min) In English.

Different animals try to describe a painting, but they all see different things! Based on Daniil Kharms’ children’s story, “The Boobooboo Dog.”

Looks - (Susann Hoffmann, Germany, animation, 2014, 3:14 min) Nonverbal.

A little forest creature looks different from the others and longs to blend into the crowd. But soon, he meets friends who love him the way he is.

Amicus - (Raúl Robin Morales Reyes, Mexico, 2014, animation, 5 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

A street kid and a cat form an unbreakable bond of friendship, and rescue each other from all kinds of trouble.

Out From the Deep - (Katrin Novakovic, Croatia, 2013, 6:50 min) Nonverbal.

Emerging from the depths of the sea, a good old swing octopus brings joy to some jaded city souls.

Papa Cloudy’s Orchestra - (Akiko McQuerrey, USA, animation, 2015, 11:40 min) Nonverbal.

After getting an emergency call from polar bears, Papa Cloudy, a gentle cloud, gathers animals to form an orchestra to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016 - SEE THE WORLD, FEED YOUR MIND: ANIMATED SHORTS poster

I Am Me: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Identity

Nov 29

2016 - 42m approx - FREE


An educational training video that explores the challenges that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. (LGBTQ+) young people face, and how adults can be supportive allies.  

The 42-minute video defines the concepts of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, and provides an in-depth picture of how LGBTQ+ young people are marginalized in their everyday lives and the serious outcomes they face as a result. With personal stories from LGBTQ+ young people and adult advocates woven throughout, the main theme of adult allyship is exemplified through LGBTQ+ youth sharing how they need to be supported, as well as a helpful checklist at the end of the video on how to participate in acts of allyship for LGBTQ+ youth. 

As a companion to the video, a 36-page LGBTQ+ Resource Guide provides further information on concepts covered in the video, as well as local, national, and online resources. Additionally, the accompanying Screening Toolkit guides individuals wanting to screen this educational resource in their workplaces and communities

I Am Me and the accompanying toolkits were created by Communities of Care, a project of the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department, in partnership with 12fps and Prevention at Play.

The I Am Me video, LGBTQ+ Resource Guide, and Screening Toolkit are available FREE online at http://www.nmsoc.org/cocvideos.html. 

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I Am Me: Understanding the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, and Identity poster

The Greasy Strangler

Dec 2 to Dec 3
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Jim Hosking - 2016 - 93m - No Matinees

The Los Angeles-set tale follows Ronnie, a man who runs a Disco Walking tour along with his browbeaten son, Brayden. When a sexy, alluring woman comes to take the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her attentions. It also signals the appearance of an oily, slimy inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night and strangles the innocent, soon dubbed ‘The Greasy Strangler.’

“Gross, hilarious, and absolutely uncompromising, [The Greasy Strangler] has to be experienced to be believed.” – Consequence of Sound

“Disgusting, deviant and pleasurably weird at heart. If Barton Fink was made by John Waters, this is the sort of movie he’d write.” – Indiewire’s The Playlist

“A welcome oasis of filth, depravity and shock, [The Greasy Strangler] carries a playfulness that should inspire glorious, “what the f*ck?” huzzahs from the sort of people who wish John Waters would make movies like Desperate Living and Pink Flamingoes again.” – The Guardian

“Fearless, explicit and over the top, The Greasy Strangler doesn’t short change us in the “WTF” department … Uproariously and often disturbingly funny.” – The Film Stage

View a NSFW trailer.

The Greasy Strangler poster


Dec 3
Saturday 12pm to 3pm

Free to get a bidder card - lotsa stuff likely to go for cheap!

Time once again because we still have hundreds of movie posters left stretching from last week to around 8 years ago!  And a lot of it will go real cheap, like a dollar or two!  


DOORS OPEN AT 11:45 a.m.!  We'll wrap around 3pm.


Nob Hill Oral History Project

Dec 4
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Gary Eyster - 2016 - 60m - Only 25 cents!

15 people who were part of Nob Hill in its early days relate their impressions, introductory comments by the film makers!  

Videography by Joel Derek Ortiz.

Nob Hill Oral History Project poster

Paths of Glory - a Kirk Douglas 100th Birthday tribute

Dec 9 to Dec 11
Friday to Sunday 4:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Stanley Kubrick - 1957 - 88m - No Matinees


Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory is among the most powerful antiwar films ever made. A fiery Kirk Douglas stars as a World War I French colonel who goes head-to-head with the army’s ruthless top brass when his men are accused of cowardice after being unable to carry out an impossible mission. This haunting, exquisitely photographed dissection of the military machine in all its absurdity and capacity for dehumanization (a theme Kubrick would continue to explore throughout his career) is assembled with its legendary director’s customary precision, from its tense trench warfare sequences to its gripping courtroom climax to its ravaging final scene.

“Kirk Douglas gives one of his finest performances as the intelligent and courageous Col. Dax.” - Crosby Day, Orlando Sentinel

“This masterpiece still packs a wallop, though nothing in it is as simple as it may first appear; audiences are still arguing about the final sequence, which has been characterized as everything from a sentimental cop-out to the ultimate cynical twist.” - Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

“It is arguably the best film about the first world war, and still has a reasonable claim to being Stanley Kubrick's best film.” - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

View Trailer

Paths of Glory - a Kirk Douglas 100th Birthday tribute poster

Spartacus - a Kirk Douglas 100th Birthday tribute

Dec 9 to Dec 11
Friday to Sunday 6:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Stanley Kubrick - 1960 - 196m - No Matinees


Stanley Kubrick directed a cast of screen legends—including Kirk Douglas as the indomitable gladiator that led a Roman slave revolt—in the sweeping epic that defined a genre and ushered in a new Hollywood era. The assured acting, lush Technicolor cinematography, bold costumes, and visceral fight sequences won Spartacus four Oscars; the blend of politics and sexual suggestion scandalized audiences. Today Kubrick’s controversial classic, the first film to openly defy Hollywood’s blacklist, remains a landmark of cinematic artistry and history.

“Douglas is terrific as the iron-jawed slave fuelled by righteous fury.” - James Christopher, Times (UK)

“A surprisingly apt companion piece to Paths of Glory in its consideration of the mechanisms of power.” - Derek Adams, Time Out

“This may be the most literate of all the spectacles set in antiquity.” - Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

“There have been other versions of the Spartacus story, including a silent epic and a more recent TV series, but Kubrick's film can't be beaten.” - David Stratton, At the Movies (Australia)

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Spartacus - a Kirk Douglas 100th Birthday tribute poster

Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016 - SEE THE WORLD, FEED YOUR MIND: LIVE ACTION SHORTS

Mom’s Matinee

Dec 17 to Dec 18
Saturday and Sunday 12 Noon Only!

Dir. various - 2016 - 78m - Mom's Matinee returns with more great Kids' Festivals! All seats Just $5

The characters in this collection of award-winning and audience-pleasing films are a determined bunch, unafraid to find their own way, create their own futures, search for happiness, find a way to save the planet and shoot for the stars. Join these amazing kids as they explore the countryside, cities and small towns of four countries, and look up at the skies to explore the worlds beyond.

Bounce  (Rory Lowe and D.C. Barclay, United Kingdom, live action, 2015, 10:19 min) In English.

A little girl will do anything to get her heart’s desire — the bounciest ball in the world.

Mami (Che Espiritu, Philippines, 2014, live action, 18:26 min) In Tagalog with English subtitles.

Best friends Siopao and Araw draw inspiration from random beautiful people in the city, in an attempt to draw the faces of their mothers whom they haven't known at all.

Mo’s Bows — winner, Children’s Jury prize for best short documentary, CFFS 2016!(Jennifer Treuting and Kristen McGregor, USA, live action, 2015, 6:19 min) In English.  

Meet Moziah Bridges, and see what it's like to be the bow tie king of Memphis!

Myna & Asterix — winner, audience favorite short live action film, CFFS 2016!  (Kenny Basumatary, India, live action, 2015, 20 min) In English.

City kid Myna visits her cousin, who lives in a village. Together, the pair tries to make a magic potion, but they end up learning something much more valuable. 

Once Upon a Tree (Marleen van der Werf, The Netherlands, live action, 2014, 14:40 min) In Dutch with English subtitles.

A girl who is awestruck by the beauty of her favorite trees makes a plan to stop the chopping in the forest.

Star Stuff (Ratimir Rakuljic, Croatia, live action and animation, 2015, 9:42 min) In English.

A boy who wonders about the stars in the sky sets off on a voyage of great discovery. A film inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan.

Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016 - SEE THE WORLD, FEED YOUR MIND: LIVE ACTION SHORTS poster