Special Events

The 2nd Annual ALBU-CRAZY FILM FEST Fundraiser!

Jun 23
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Various - Now - 60m - All Seats $8

An OffSet Web Series S3 and The NM Film Foundation presentation!

Join us for some exciting short films brought to you by our local talent. Proceeds goes towards OffSet Web Series S3 2019.

The 2nd Annual ALBU-CRAZY FILM FEST Fundraiser! poster

Evil Dead 2

Jun 29
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Sam Raimi - 1987 - 84m - ALL SEATS $10


Writer-director Sam Raimi's extremely stylized, blood-soaked follow-up to his creepy Evil Dead - a hilarious, sophisticated slapstick send-up of the terror genre. Raimi takes every horror convention that exists and exaggerates it with mind-blowing special effects, crossed with mocking Three Stooges humor. The plot alone is right out of any number of horror films. Several teens (including our hero, Ash, played by Bruce Campbell in a manic tour-de-force of physical comedy) visit a broken-down cottage in the woods--miles from civilization--find a copy of the Book of the Dead, and unleash supernatural powers that gut every character in sight. All, that is, except Ash, who takes this very personally and spends much of the of the film getting his head smashed while battling the unseen forces. Raimi uses this bare-bones story as a stage to showcase dazzling special effects and eye-popping visuals, including some of the most spectacular point-of-view Steadicam work ever (done by Peter Deming). Although it went unnoticed in the theaters, the film has since become an influential cult-video favorite, paving the way for over-the-top comic gross-out films like Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.

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After Stonewall - A 50th Anniversary Special Double Feature!

Jun 30
Sunday 4pm, 8pm

Dir. John Scagliotti, Janet Baus & Dan Hunt - 1999 - 88m - No Matinees


In 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of rioting by the city's gay community. With this outpouring of courage and unity the Gay Liberation Movement had begun.

After Stonewall, the sequel to Before Stonewall, chronicles the history of lesbian and gay life from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the century. Narrated by Melissa Etheridge, it captures the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced during this time, and it explores how AIDS dramatically changed the direction of the movement.

The two films, Before & After, tell the remarkable tale of how LGBT people, a heretofore hidden and despised group, became a vibrant and integral part of America's family, and, indeed, the world community.

Featuring Dorothy Allison, Michael Bronski, Rita Mae Brown, Barney Frank, Barbara Gittings, Arnie Kantrowitz, Larry Kramer, Craig Lucas, Armistead Maupin, Leslea Newman, Barbara Smith, and many more!

"Emotionally potent and amazingly comprehensive!" - Au Courant

"What started tumbling out of the closets at the time of Stonewall has profoundly altered the way we all live." - The Nation

"Required viewing for anyone who believes in equal rights for all." - The Apollo Guide

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After Stonewall - A 50th Anniversary Special Double Feature! poster

Before Stonewall - A 50th Anniversary Special!

Jun 30
Sunday 2pm, 6pm

Dir. Greta Schiller - 1984 - 87m - No Matinees

In 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of rioting by the city's gay community. With this outpouring of courage and unity the gay liberation movement had begun.


Before Stonewall pries open the closet door, setting free the dramatic story of the sometimes horrifying public and private existences experienced by LGBT Americans since the early 1900's. Revealing and often humorous, this widely acclaimed film relives the emotionally-charged sparking of today's gay rights movement, from the events that led to the fevered 1969 riots to many other milestones in the brave fight for acceptance.

Experience the fascinating and unforgettable, decade-by-decade history of homosexuality in America through eye-opening historical footage and amazing interviews with those who lived through an often brutal closeted history.

"Entertaining and enlightening."  -Los Angeles Times

"Funny, courageous and touching." - Seattle Times

“Intelligent, moving!”  -The New York Times

"You owe it to yourself to see it." - Judith Crist, WOR-TV 

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Before Stonewall - A 50th Anniversary Special! poster

Skateway Massacre

Jul 6
Saturday 10:30pm

Dir. Daniel Zubiate - 2019 - 80m - All Seats $8

Made in New Mexico!  Cast & crew in person!

The closing staff of a local roller skating rink find themselves being stalked and slashed by a mysterious figure in their midst.

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Skateway Massacre poster

The Brill Building - An Albuquerque Premiere!

Jul 6
Saturday 1pm only!

Dir. Jim Terr & maybe others! - 2019 - 92m - All Seats $8


Seven years in the making, songwriter/satirist Jim Terr's mockumentary about his own strange saga starts with his 2012 run for President, and circles around his connection with the legendary New York "hit factory," The Brill Building. Narrated by "anchor" Valerie Plame, with cameos from Gov. Bill Richardson, NPR's Scott Simon, humorist Dave Barry and other national celebrities, and almost 100 New Mexico actors and singers.

"A great collection of songs and funny bits, but mostly a brave and revealing self-portrait." - somebody at the Santa Fe premiere

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The Brill Building - An Albuquerque Premiere! poster

Phoenix, Oregon - with director & producer in person!

Jul 10
Wednesday 3:30, 6pm & 8:30 only!

Dir. Gary Lundgren - 2019 - 108m

Defying the haze of midlife, two friends seize an unlikely opportunity to reinvent their lives, quitting their jobs to restore a bowling alley and serve the “world’s greatest pizza.”  

Divorced bartender Bobby Hoffman (James LeGros), living alone in the Airstream trailer inherited from his late mother, has drifted into a sleepy eddy.   Life passing him by and struggling to complete his graphic-novel opus, Bobby comes to believe his life is doomed – just a meaningless simulation written by some alien civilization. On Bobby’s birthday, when his old high school buddy Carlos (Jesse Borrego) tries to shake him awake with a bold new business venture, shadows rear up from the past and threaten to crush him.  

Does positive thinking still work at mid-life?  Can teamwork and friendship improve the odds for success of “the stupidest idea ever”?  Irresistible Tanya (Lisa Edelstein) stirs Bobby’s bravery until his passion and dreams begin to breathe again.  Enthusiastic Carlos (“you aren’t visualizing it!”) and his spirited, entrepreneurial family will not give up.  Finally, when Bobby’s comically awful boss, Kyle, (Diedrich Bader) has shrunk his piece of the pie to crust, playing it safe just doesn’t feel safe anymore.  

The road out of hiding and becoming a business owner, though at times exhilarating, isn’t easy.  Snarky bowling rival, Al, (Kevin Corrigan) pins him around every corner, while slick venture capitalist, Mario, (Reynaldo Gallegos), captures Tanya’s eye and hopelessly intimidates Bobby with his worldly charm.  When trouble and setbacks rear up, Bobby must decide whether he owns his life, or is merely a chump for his comic book aliens’ entertainment.  Finally, it’s his choice.    

The film takes a comedic look at the existential crisis many face when trying to find meaning and relevancy at mid-life. Despite controlling bosses, dead-end jobs, and broken relationships, the two leads stumble out of hibernation with courage and resilience, called to what may be their last chance to resurrect heartfelt dreams.

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Phoenix, Oregon - with director & producer in person! poster

Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase 2018

Jul 11

Dir. Various - 2018

Tales of resistance and resilience, the short films of the 3rd Annual FFFS are as beautifully complex as they are diverse. Stories about immigration, displacement, and our environment, often reduced to one minute, one-sided, or oversimplified representations in news, tv and film, can quickly become a tangled web of misinformation and misrepresentation. The films of the 3rd Annual FFFS take us deeper than ever before, inviting us to rethink our perceptions. Represented this year are films from El Paso and Juarez, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Syria, Lithuania and Australia. 

BIRTH ON THE BORDER - The complexities of life and birth on the U.S.-Mexico border. Directed by Ellie Lobovits

BEFORE I FORGET - An autobiographical exploration of how memory and identity are fractured by forced displacement. Following her journey from Syria to the Netherlands, Razan Hassan begins to question the veracity of her recollections of home, family, and childhood.  Directed by Razan Hassan                                                   

7 PLANETS - A tale of one girl's dream to escape Planet Earth.  Directed by Milda Baginskaite

MUD (HASHT?’ISHNII) - A women's craving for a connection with her son, which is hindered by alcoholism.  Directed by Shaandiin Tome

SALT IN WOUNDS - Abyss, a reckless Filipino Aussie teen, after discovering her boyfriend watches only caucasian porn must re-find a sense of belonging in White Australia.  Directed by Alison Adriano           

ON THE MARGINS OF ART - En la Frontera del Arte centers the stories of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez-based contemporary artists challenging U.S. border imperialism through their arts practices.  Directed by Miranda Harris-Martinez and Mike Curran

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Pulp Fiction - 25th Anniversary Screening

Jul 19
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Quentin Tarantino - 1994 - 154m - ALL SEATS $8

New Mexico Entertainment magazine presents this month's late night movie at The Guild Cinema - Pulp Fiction!  Advance tickets available by clicking here.

“Nothing less than a cultural phenomenon” (Moviemaker Magazine), Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION has been hailed by critics and audiences worldwide as a film that redefined cinema. Tarantino delivers an unforgettable cast of characters – including a pair of low-rent hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss’s sexy wife (Uma Thurman) and a desperate prizefighter (Bruce Willis) – in a wildly entertaining and exhilarating blend of crime-thriller-drama-comedy that is completely original and entirely unforgettable. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards® including Best Picture and Best Director, PULP FICTION packs the punch like an adrenaline shot to the heart.



PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOU. Please bring your Hold My Ticket receipt with your current state ID and check in at the Guild Box Office 15 minutes before the show. If you do not have your receipt, please make sure if you have your ID. We will have a list at the box office. In the likelihood we have a sold-out performance or event, tickets are subject to be released for resale to those on the waiting list if you have not checked five minutes before the show starts. Thank you for your punctuality!

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