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Limo Ride - an unbelievable true tale!

Sep 27 to Sep 29
Tuesday to Thursday 4:30, 8:30

Dir. Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater - 2016 - 84m

A true tale told by those who lived it.

Ten friends tell the unbelievable true story of the New Year none of them would forget – when they hired a limousine at 4am to take them to the beach for the Polar Bear dip. The greatest bar story ever told meets experimental form in the debut feature-length documentary comedy by filmmakers Marcus Rosentrater and Gideon C. Kennedy.

After working all New Year’s Eve in bars and bands, ten friends in Mobile, Alabama meet for their annual tradition – running naked into the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida – Alabama line. When they hire the only limousine service to answer at 4AM, their old custom takes a new turn and veers down a dark path.

Stripped, separated, and stranded in the freezing night, they are left to ask themselves: How far will the bonds of friendship stretch before they snap?

"A cult nonfiction film, joining such favorites as American Movie, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, The King of Kong" - Christopher Campbell, Film School Rejects

“The movie is the latest collaboration of creative partners Gideon Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater – filmmakers with a longstanding connection to Mobile. And while the finished product is certainly their brainchild, at its core is the story shared by those who lived and breathed the original experience more than a decade ago. “ — Michael Dumas,

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Sep 27 to Sep 29
Tuesday to Thursday 6:30pm

Dir. Penelope Spheeris - 1983 - 95m - No Matinees

Featuring live performances by T.S.O.L., The Vandals and D.I. !!


Director Penelope Spheeris study of the Los Angeles punk rock scene in the early 1980s. Evan and his younger brother leave their broken home in an attempt to escape their alcoholic mother. They fall in with The Rejected (aka T.R.), a group of punks who live as squatters in an abandoned home by the side of the highway. With T.R., the boys find a new family. But their newfound family will be tested when they become the target of Citizens Against Crime, a group of unhappy suburbanites. 

“It still shows enormous empathy and sensitivity in capturing the angst and alienation of American youth, making it seem both rooted in a specific time and place and strangely timeless.” - Nathan Rabin, AV Club

“Penelope Spheeris's Suburbia is a clear- eyed, compassionate melodrama about a bunch of young dropouts who call themselves ''The Rejected'' or, for short, the TR’s.” - Vincent Canby, New York Times

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Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

Multiple Maniacs - John Waters restored, re-released 1970 classic!! poster

Multiple Maniacs - John Waters restored, re-released 1970 classic!!

Sep 30 to Oct 1
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. John Waters - 1970 - 96m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation - $8 general / $6 students with i.d.s

John Waters’ gloriously grotesque, unavailable-for-decades second feature comes to theaters at long last, replete with all manner of depravity, from robbery to murder to one of cinema’s most memorably blasphemous moments. Made on a shoestring budget in Baltimore, with Waters taking on nearly every technical task, this gleeful mockery of the peace-and-love ethos of its era features the Cavalcade of Perversion, a traveling show put on by a troupe of misfits whose shocking proclivities are topped only by those of their leader: the glammer-than-glam, larger-than-life Divine, who’s out for blood after discovering her lover’s affair. Starring Waters’ beloved regular cast the Dreamlanders (including David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Edith Massey, and Cookie Mueller), Multiple Maniacs is an anarchist masterwork from an artist who has doggedly tested the limits of taste for decades.

"Can only be compared to Todd Browning's FREAKS" - Los Angeles Free Press

"The Pope of Trash" - William Burroughs

"Even the garbage is too good a place for it" - Maryland Board of Censors

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