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Dir. Brent Morris, Reinhard Lorenz, Angelique Midthunder, Molly McKinley, Otgadahe Whitman-Fox, Brennan Foster - 2021 - 78m

On March 11, 2020, beloved actor Tom Hanks was diagnosed with Covid-19 in Australia. Within days, whole industries were shuttered and communities around the world were sheltering in place; life as we knew it changed irrevocably.

At home in New Mexico, Brent Morris put out a call to action to friends in the film industry. A core group of nine responded and banded together to create personal, professional short films with something to say about the human condition in this unparalleled time. A vow of safety was taken by all and the films were written, shot and edited with that as a paramount concern.

On this one-year anniversary, we present the resulting tales: A filmmaker volunteering for Wheels on Meals at the onset of the pandemic begins to wonder if his delivery route runs through an alternate dimension; a young woman grapples with the rising tide of anti-Asian xenophobia; a family enlivens their lockdown with a Melville-inspired home cooking challenge; a Native woman attempts to deliver her first baby by doula during the pandemic; and an isolated mental health worker tries to take a break from her own house during a day of remote therapy sessions.

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