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Dir. Rudy Miera - 2020 - 19m


The story of local Curandera (Folk medicine healer) Maclovia Sanchez that was originally completed in 2005. This was the first in a series of over a half-dozen “mini-Documentary” films produced by Jornada Productions (basically Rudy and whichever friends and family member would be willing to work for nothing – or foot-long chile dogs from the DogHouse.)

Filmed and Edited by Rudy J. Miera, this is first installment on the Indigenous practices and use of natural materials that are the basis of the still-thriving art of Curanderismo, “Maclovia” screened in Santa Fe at the Jean Cocteau for the New Mexico Film Expo festival (2006), at the Lobo Theater (2008) for the Local Shorts Film Festival and was used for a couple years in a Nurse’s training program at UCLA at Santa Barbara.

Jornada Productions is a non-profit community education project with absolutely no funding (in fact, the producer and staff lose money but create in the true spirit of the independent auteur.

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