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Dir. Rudy Miera - 2020 - 12m

Elena Avila was one of the most knowledgeable and influential practitioners of Curanderismo in the Southwest. Although a professional Nurse, Elena studied and incorporated Native Folk Medicine into her care of people and her teachings to numerous apprentices.

In this ‘mini-Documentary’ film, Elena speaks about her Mayan familial roots, her studies with Mexican Curanderas/os and of the importance of keeping the Indigenous approaches, practices and philosophies thriving.

A gifted actress, she also co-wrote “Tu y Yo”, a 2-person play, Jerry Mondragón and performed the insightful look at relationships to youth and adult groups in the community. Elena also wrote and performed her original poetry, based on her insights into healthy relationships and some lines from one of her poems is embedded into the conclusion of her interview.

“….I just want to go to Heaven on earth’s last sigh……and I need your arms to fly…”

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