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Mar 31 to Apr 3
Friday thru Monday 3:45, 8pm

Dir. Colin West - 2023 - 102m

Cameron Edwin (Jim Gaffigan), the host of a failing children's science TV show called "Above & Beyond", has always had aspirations of being an astronaut. After a mysterious space-race era satellite coincidentally falls from space and lands in his backyard, his midlife crisis manifests in a plan to rebuild the machine into his dream rocket. As his relationship with his wife (Rhea Seehorn) and daughter (Katelyn Nacon) start to strain, surreal events begin unfolding around him -- a doppelgänger moving into the house next door, a car falling from the sky, and an unusual teenage boy forging a friendship with him. He slowly starts to piece these events together to ultimately reveal that there's more to his life story than he once thought.

“...the emotional punch it packs has the weight of entire lifetimes behind it.” - The Hollywood Reporter, Angie Han

“An otherworldly tragedy about endings and beginnings, and the existential rot whose origins feel unknown.” - IndieWire, Robert Daniels

“A surprising and poignant reflection on what it means to live a fulfilling life, the memories and evocations of which will swell within you long after they’ve passed.” - Austin Chronicle, Trace Sauveur

“With this film about people trying to find what makes them extraordinary, West has made an extraordinary tale of the personal universes we all inhabit, the strange messiness of life, and the beauty of how everything all shakes out in the end.” - Collider, Ross Bonaime

“Jim Gaffigan Shines in a Startlingly Resonant Indie Sci-Fi Drama ... LINOLEUM snuck up and just absolutely clobbered me." - The Playlist, Jason Bailey

“A lovely experience to give yourself over to.” - Geek Vibes Nation, Devin McGrath-Conwell

“A lovely, celestial gem.” - Hammer to Nail, M.J. O’Toole

“The movie looks, sounds, and moves like a million bucks. What else can you possibly ask for?” - High on Films, Pramit Chatterj

“Director Colin West plucks heartstrings that inspire our zest for lives lived to the fullest, creating something outstandingly emotional in the last few scenes.” - IGN, Matt Donato

“A heartfelt and touching movie about finding joy and fulfillment in life.” - Film Threat, Alan Ng

“Strong performances from the entire cast led by Jim Gaffigan give the film its beating heart, and when paired with more abstract scientific concepts West explores, the eventual alignment of the mind and body is a mighty thing to behold.” - Moveable Fest, Stephen Saito

“In the final few minutes of SXSW selection Linoleum, I was in tears, speechless, and yearning desperately to find another critic who also watched so I could talk about it.” - Josh At The Movies, Allison Brown

“Jim Gaffigan has never been better than he is in writer/director Colin West's quirky, perplexing, and ultimately beautiful dramedy ‘Linoleum…’”

“Jim Gaffigan has easily delivered a career-best performance.” - Slash Films, Ethan Anderton

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Mar 31 to Apr 3
Friday thru Monday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Quentin Dupieux - 2023 - 80m - France - In French with English subtitles - NO MATINEES


A wildly inventive new French comedy from Quentin Dupieux (MANDIBLES, RUBBER) The film,which had its world-premiere in Cannes’ Midnight section, follows the misadventures of a team of five superheroes known as the Tobacco Force - Benzene (Gilles Lellouche), Nicotine (Anaïs Demoustier), Methanol (Vincent Lacoste), Mercury (Jean-Pascal Zadi), and Ammonia (Oulaya Amamra).  After a devastating battle against a diabolical giant turtle, the Tobacco Force is sent on a mandatory week-long retreat to strengthen their decaying group cohesion. Their sojourn goes wonderfully well until Lézardin, Emperor of Evil, decides to annihilate planet Earth.

"Hands down his funniest – not to mention most enjoyable – to date. It’s bloody, absurd, and sports a Super Sentai influence in all the best ways imaginable." - Chris Sawin, Bounding Into Comics

"Every second of Smoking Causes Coughing is so unpredictable and funny you can’t help but love it." - Germain Lussier. io9.com

"There’s perhaps a metaphor for our post-lockdown solipsism hidden somewhere; as with anything by Dupieux, Smoking thankfully never slips into heavy-handed messaging." - Leonardo Goi, The Film Stage

"Isn’t just an anti-superhero superhero film, but, thanks to Tristram Shandy-like levels of discursivity, something akin to an anti-film." - William Repass, Slant Magazine

"It’s a film of fragmentary but funny rewards — funnier still, most likely, if accompanied by smoking of a different kind." - Guy Lodge, Variety

"The director’s stories know how to take extreme violence and turn it into sarcasm and comedy, often using inanimate objects to reflect humanity’s shortcomings." - Valerie Complex, Deadline Hollywood Daily

"Quentin Dupieux has a very strange and imaginative mind and “Smoking Causes Coughing” is a goofy and fun extension of that mind." - Robin Clifford, Reeling Reviews

"Masquerades as a super hero yarn, but that’s merely an elaborate framing device for an anthology film that plays like “Creepshow” or “Tales from the Crypt” as processed through Dupieux’s delightfully warped sense of humor." - Laura Clifford, Reeling Reviews

"Quentin Dupieux’s hilarious tokusatsu pastiche is an unhealthy delight for fans of the director." - Anton Bitel, VODzilla.co

"Calibrated to an uncanny tonal wavelength, entreating eavesdroppers to indulge in the simultaneous exhibition of the comical and the creepy. Think midnight hangout movie, with quasi-stoner philosophy to boot — it’s quite a hoot." - Morris Yang, In Review Online

"Relive the golden era of Saturday morning television with Quentin Dupieux’s latest cinematic oddity of weirdly charming science-fiction." - Kat Hughes, THN

"Everyone gets the joke, which feels impossible." - Dan Scully, ScullyVision

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HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP - a local AndroidVision special screening!

Apr 1
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Dir. Barbara Peeters & Jimmy T. Murakami - 1980 - 83m - ALL SEATS $8

A raunchy, gory thrill ride where slimy beasts and gratuitous T&A fill the screen from start to finish. Basically a Corman remake of his own PIRANHA but with monster suits, HUMANOIDS has sleazy fun value — with a slam-bang climax featuring an entire town trashed by marauding fishfolk.

Featuring beloved genre stalwarts Vic Morrow and Doug McClure, and with SFX from Rob Bottin (THE THING) and Chris Walas (THE FLY), seeing is believing as the salmon are definitely coming home to spawn!

"You really need to go back and see how it was done back in the day ... with reckless abandon and lots of splattery fun in mind" - Steve, Dread Central

"Takes the theme of the Julie Adams-lusting 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' to an extreme that the censors would not have allowed in the 1950s..." - John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP - a local AndroidVision special screening! poster

WINGS OF DESIRE - the much beloved 1987 masterpiece as part of our new ongoing ARTHOUSE CLASSICS series!

Apr 1 to Apr 2
Saturday and Sunday 12:45pm

Dir. Wim Wenders - 1987 - 127m - NO MATINEES - Germany - In German & English with English subtitles


One of cinema’s loveliest city symphonies with Bruno Ganz as Damiel, an angel perched atop buildings high over Berlin who can hear the thoughts—fears, hopes, dreams—of all the people living below. But when he falls in love with a beautiful trapeze artist, he is willing to give up his immortality and come back to earth to be with her. Made not long before the fall of the Berlin wall, this stunning tapestry of sounds and images, shot in black and white and color by the legendary Henri Alekan, is movie poetry. And it forever made the name Wim Wenders synonymous with film art.

"Wim Wenders’ astonishing, award-winning fantasy drama depicts life in a divided Berlin through the eyes of angels." - Joe Clay, Times (UK)

"If some restorations of classic films are mere spit and polish, this one is spectacular: a deepening and sharpening of existing beauty." - Danny Leigh, Financial Times

"A cinema of ideas, almost an essay movie, and utterly distinctive." - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

"A stunningly made valentine to the city of Berlin, which has never been more imaginatively or more beautifully filmed. A joy from start to finish." - David Stratton, At the Movies (Australia)

"A beautiful, literate and romantic piece of cinema." - Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine

"A fantasy that... goes right in spite of its solemn style." - Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"Wim Wenders’ most purely romantic film is like poetry on celluloid, a celebration of the transient and fragile moments of being human: the warmth of a cup of coffee on a cold day, the embrace of a friend, the touch of a lover, the rapture of love." - Sean Axmaker, Stream on Demand

"Remains a stunning cinematic achievement, and sits near the top of an exceptional filmography from one of not just Germany but Europe’s most celebrated directors." - Chris Connor, Flickering Myth

"The film remains as soothing and esoteric as it was upon release, suffused with a sweet lyricality and lightness of touch despite its heavily philosophical outlook." - Steph Green, WeLoveCinema

"Brobably the closest thing to a popular movie about metaphysics that the medium has had yet to offer." - Dennis Harvey, 48 Hills

"Peter Handke's script plays a big role when it injects into the movie a suitable poetic breath." - Octavi Marti, El Pais (Spain)

"Wenders has made a film that is elegiac but harsh, hard-edged and romantic, haunted as well as haunting, but that... holds out the promise of love as a benign coming-to-rest." - Molly Haskel, Vogue

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WINGS OF DESIRE -  the much beloved 1987 masterpiece as part of our new ongoing  ARTHOUSE CLASSICS series! poster