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Jan 21 to Jan 24
Friday thru Monday 6pm

Dir. Kenneth Branagh - 2021 - 97m - UK/Northern Ireland

A movie straight from director Kenneth Branagh's own experience! A nine-year-old boy must chart a path towards adulthood through a world that has suddenly turned upside down. His stable and loving community and everything he thought he understood about life is changed forever but joy, laughter, music and the formative magic of the movies remain.

"Remarkable, lyrical, touching and shot mostly in gorgeous black and white. BELFAST should be a significant Oscar contender in numerous categories." - Michael Medved, The Michael Medved Show

"Gorgeously shot (Haris Zambarloukos) B&W footage, with exquisite lighting and ample portrait-like closeups, makes this memoir eye-catching and enchanting." - Dwight Brown, National Newspaper Publishers Association

"Belfast is Branagh's love letter to his family, his neighborhood, a way of life that doesn't exist any longer. It's neither complex nor rigorous -- nostalgia rarely is -- but it does leave a lump in the throat." - Max Weiss, Baltimore Magazine

"It's like Branagh is flipping through a family photo album, giving us curated glimpses of these relatives and their lives." 0- Kristy Puchko, Mashable

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BELFAST poster

ERASERHEAD- 45th Anniversary screening of the ultimate cult movie on the big screen!

Jan 21
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. David Lynch - 1977 - 89m

A dream of dark and troubling things . . .  still knocking us out 45 years later!  Dive in!

David Lynch’s 1977 debut feature, Eraserhead, is both a lasting cult sensation and a work of extraordinary craft and beauty. With its mesmerizing black-and-white photography by Frederick Elmes and Herbert Cardwell, evocative sound design, and unforgettably enigmatic performance by Jack Nance, this visionary nocturnal odyssey continues to haunt American cinema like no other film.

“What makes Eraserhead great -- and still, perhaps the best of all Lynch's films? Intensity. Nightmare clarity. And perhaps also it's the single-mindedness of its vision.” - Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“What a masterpiece of texture, a feat of artisanal attention, an ingenious assemblage of damp, dust, rock, wood, hair, flesh, metal, ooze.” - Nathan Lee, Village Voice

“It's beautiful and strange, with its profoundly disturbing ambient sound design of industrial groaning, as if filmed inside some collapsing factory or gigantic dying organism.” - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

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ERASERHEAD- 45th Anniversary screening of the ultimate cult movie on the big screen! poster


Jan 21 to Jan 24
Friday thru Monday 3:30, 8pm

Dir. Maggie Gyllenhaal - 2021 - 122m

A woman’s beach vacation takes a dark turn when her obsession with a young mother forces her to confront the secrets of her past. Directed & Written by Maggie Gyllenhaal the cast includes Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris, Peter Sarsgaard, Dagmara Dominczyk & Paul Mescal.

Alone on a seaside vacation, Leda becomes consumed with a young mother and daughter as she watches them on the beach. Unnerved by their compelling relationship, (and their raucous and menacing extended family), Leda is overwhelmed by her own memories of the terror, confusion and intensity of early motherhood. An impulsive act shocks Leda into the strange and ominous world of her own mind, where she is forced to face the unconventional choices she made as a young mother and their consequences.

"An original character study that spirals like a thriller, The Lost Daughter is an exhilarating, unsparing examination of modern motherhood -- its joys and discontents." - Thelma Adams, AARP Movies for Grownups

"You'd think it was unfilmable, particularly as the central character describes herself as someone even she doesn't understand but, directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and starring Olivia Colman, this film is entirely gripping. No ambivalence on that count." - Deborah Ross, The Spectator

"What a debut it is. Harrowing, unpredictable, painful, confrontational, this is a movie for grown-ups." - Sheila O'Malley, RogerEbert.com

"[Gyllenhaal's] direction is unemphatic without ever being tentative, and she's made a film with a relaxed, easy rhythm - but not too easy." - Mark Feeney, Boston Globe

"Isn't just cleverly adapted, it is also a film that knows its audience and trusts them to understand the original text's motives." - Linda Marric, The Jewish Chronicle

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