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Jun 6 to Jun 8
Tuesday thru Thursday 8:15pm ONLY!

Dir. Charlotte Le Bon - 2023 - 100m - Canada, France - In French & English with English subtitles - NO MATINEES

A shy teenager on a summer vacation experiences the joy and pain of young adulthood when he forges an unlikely bond with an older girl.

"Everything in this immensely promising, superbly crafted debut is haunted." - VARIETY

"A touching portrait of young love" - SCREEN DAILY

"A Bold, haunting, coming of age story" - THE PLAYLIST

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Jun 6 to Jun 8
Tuesday thru Thursday 2:15, 5:15

Dir. Felix Van Groeningen & Charlotte Vandermeersch - 2023 - 147m - Belgium/Italy - In Italian with English subtitles


An epic journey of friendship and self-discovery set in the breathtaking Italian Alps, The Eight Mountains is a landmark cinematic experience as intimate as it is monumental, as deep as it is expansive. Adapting the award-winning novel by Paolo Cognetti, directors Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch (The Broken Circle Breakdown) portray through observant detail and stunning landscape photography the profound, complex relationship between Pietro (Luca Marinelli) and Bruno (Alessandro Borghi), who first meet as children when Pietro’s Turin family vacations in an isolated village at the base of the Alpine slopes. As they mature, Pietro becomes estranged from his business-minded father (Filippo Timi) even as Bruno—emotionally abandoned by his own father—takes up the role of surrogate son. Pietro’s father’s death reunites the two in realizing his dream of constructing a cabin on the Alps, and the project and subsequent explorations of the awe-inspiring mountain range bond Pietro and Bruno in a shared purpose. Yet despite their connection, the purity of nature and the demands of society both threaten to drive the men to pursue different, possibly irrevocably divergent paths on the vertiginous terrain of life. Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

“Magnificent.  A gorgeous, glorious retreat.  One of the strongest and most vibrantly shot pictures in the Cannes Competition.” - Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“*****!  (Highest Rating). This is a movie with air in its lungs and love in its heart. It is spacious and unhurried in its devotion to beauty and to what it means to be human. This film has mystery and passion, it climbs mountainous heights and rewards you with the opposite of vertigo: a sort of exaltation.” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“CRITIC’S PICK!  Intoxicating. A tender story about love and friendship.  The Belgian writer-directors Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch keep the characters — and the movie — immersed in beauty.  You are immediately plunged into the region’s splendors and mysteries, its densely sheltering foliage, enigmatically abandoned corners and dramatic, seemingly limitless vistas.” - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

“Profound.  A Ravishing Movie.  Unprepared is the best way to go into this movie, which feels like a discovery and like something made out of time (in the best possible way). bewitches you.  The Eight Mountains has uncommon gravity and gorgeousness—and a moving generosity.” - Taylor Antrim, Vogue

“One of the year’s best movies.  Rich and Moving.  A vivid, sweeping film about male friendship is like reading a satisfying novel. It has heft and breadth.“ - Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

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