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A Place To Stand

Nov 30 to Dec 3
Monday to Thursday 5:45pm ONLY!

Dir. Daniel Glick - 2015 - 105m - No Matinees

The story of Jimmy Santiago Baca’s transformation from a functionally illiterate convict to an award-winning poet, novelist and screenwriter.

Told through extensive interviews with Jimmy, his family, friends and peers, A Place to Stand follows Jimmy’s path from Estancia, New Mexico – where he lived with his indigenous grandparents – through childhood abandonment, adolescent drug dealing and a subsequent 5-year narcotics sentence at Arizona State Prison in Florence, one of the most violent prisons in the country.

Brutalized by the inhumanity of his incarceration, Jimmy survived by exploring deep within, discovering poetry at his soul’s core. Through the life changing capacity of poetry, writing and arts, he stepped away from the violence and negativity around him, healing the wounds of his childhood and opening him to a new future.

Jimmy’s extraordinary life is both inspiring and haunting, simultaneously an indictment of our current criminal justice system and a model of the potential for human transformation.

A Place to Stand is inspired by Jimmy’s memoir of the same name, which has been called “elegant and gripping” (The Los Angeles Times) and “an astonishing narrative that affirms the triumph of the human spirit” (The Arizona Daily Star). It explores the life and mind of a man whose early life was dominated by sadness, rejection, anger and pain, a man who embraced language as a balm for his battered spirit, a man who – through the power of poetry – finally found his place to stand.

“At once brave and heartbreaking…a thunderous artifact…by a poet whose voice, brutal and tender, is unique in America.” –The Nation

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Jafar Panahi's Taxi

Nov 30 to Dec 3
Monday to Thursday 4:00, 8:00

Dir. Jafar Panahi - 2015 - 82m - Iran - in Farsi with Engllish subtitles

Winner of the Golden Bear, 2015 Berlin Film Festival!

Internationally acclaimed director Jafar Panahi (This is Not a Film) drives a yellow cab through the vibrant streets of Tehran, picking up a diverse (and yet representative) group of passengers in a single day. Each man, woman, and child candidly expresses his or her own view of the world, while being interviewed by the curious and gracious driver/director. His camera, placed on the dashboard of his mobile film studio, captures a spirited slice of Iranian society while also brilliantly redefining the borders of comedy, drama and cinema.

"A unique cinematic masterpiece!" - IndieWire

"A film of quiet but profound outrage

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Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

Decline of Western Civilization III poster

Decline of Western Civilization III

Dec 4 to Dec 5
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Penelope Spheeris - 1998 - 86m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation!

An unflinching look into the lives of the hardcore fans of punk rock in Los Angeles, 20 years later. Filmed over the course of 13 months , this 90 minute piece stands as the director's strongest work to date.

Whereas the first installment of the trilogy concerned itself with the birth of a new music genre, PART III focuses on the lifestyles and backgrounds of the fans. Many of them are homeless or occupy squats (abandoned buildings) as their living quarters. They simultaneously evoke emotions of deep empathy and severe distain, as they present a subculture that is impossible to ignore. DECLINE III delves into the underside of this subculture to indicate that Johnny Rotten’s “No Future” reference has taken on a new meaning.

The film is a strange coupling of comedy and tragedy, combining interviews with faithful fans, thought provoking  accounts from those who have an intimate knowledge of the scene and live performances by underground bands: Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Naked Aggression, and The Resistance. Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Rick Wilder (Mau Maus), and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) compare the original late Seventies movement to present day punk rock. Unforgettable characters such as Why-Me?, Hamburger, Troll, Eyeball and Squid paint a seldom seen picture of life and death on the back streets of Hollywood.

"Undoubtedly Spheeris' most penetrating film to date." - Emily Bobrow, Film Journal International

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