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Hal - the new Hal Ashby documentary!

Jan 22 to Jan 23
Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30, 5:30

Dir. Amy Scott - 2018 - 90m


Although Hal Ashby directed a remarkable string of acclaimed, widely admired classics throughout the 1970s—HAROLD AND MAUDE, THE LAST DETAIL, SHAMPOO, COMING HOME, BEING THERE—he is often overlooked amid the crowd of luminaries from his generation. Amy Scott’s exuberant portrait explores that curious oversight, using rare archival materials, interviews, personal letters, and audio recordings to reveal a passionate, obsessive artist. Ashby was a Hollywood director who constantly clashed with Hollywood, but also a unique soul with an unprecedented insight into the human condition and an unmatched capacity for good. His films were an elusive blend of honesty, irreverence, humor, and humanity. Through the heartrending and inspiring HAL, you feel buoyed by Ashby’s love of people and of cinema, a little like walking on water.

“One of the comparatively unsung luminaries of 1970s American cinema receives a very fine tribute in HAL, an in-depth look at director Hal Ashby. A most welcome reassessment of one of the most important figures in 1970s Hollywood.” - Todd McCarthy, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Sheds new light on a master filmmaker who occupies a place in the pantheon alongside Coppola, Scorsese, De Palma, and Spielberg.” - Jeremy Smith, BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH

“A loving tribute to a filmmaker who doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition and respect he deserves. Former collaborators and actors gush over his generosity and dedication to the craft. His unfiltered and uncompromising vision arguably produced the clearest, most lucid depiction of the tumultuous ’70s.” - J.R. Kinnard, NONFICS

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The Advocates

Jan 22 to Jan 23
Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Remi Kessler - 2018 - 87m - No Matinees


BONUS!  SPECIAL PANEL DISCUSSION AT THE WEDNESDAY JAN. 23 SCREENING!  Panel participants include LINDA SIMON (private contractor with Sandoval County's Permanent Support Housing Program), KEVIN ARTHUN (NM Coalition to End Homelessness and innovator of ABQ Coordinated Resource Guide), DENNIS PLUMMER (Executive Director, Heading Home), DEBBIE JOHNSON (Founder and Executive Director, TenderLove Community Center), possibly KC Quirk (Detention Facility Management Facilitator Oversight of Bernalillo County, previously Executive Director Crossroads for Women), LAURA COMBS (Executive Director Family Promise), ILSE BIEL (Community advocate, founding member of Tiny Village Transitional Housing Project) and ANITA CORDOVA (Healthcare for the Homeless Chief Advancement Officer).   

Over half a million people are homeless in the United States - 25% of whom are in California.

Amid public outcry over the ballooning homeless population in Los Angeles--nearly 54,000 people on any given night--three advocates with three different organizations show what the lost ideal of “care in the community” looks like amid a changing policy landscape.

Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L. A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing. It goes behind the headlines with pragmatic stories of the transformative work that is possible when the right resources, funding, and compassion are applied.

Featuring advocates Claudia Perez, Rudy Salinas, and Mel Tillekeratne, and the organizational work of LA on Cloud9, Housing Works, and Monday Night Mission with experts including: Celina Alvarez (Executive Director, Housing Works), Gary Blasi (UCLA, Professor of Law Emeritus), Jerry Jones (Inner City Law Center), Mary Kirchen (Founder, Housing Works), Steve Lopez (Columnist, LA Times), Alisa Orduna (Homeless Policy Director, Mayor Garcetti’s Office), Mark Ridley-Thomas (LA County Supervisor 2nd District), David Ryu (LA City Councilmember CD4), and Paul Tepper (Western Center on Law & Poverty).

“A deep, intersectional look at the socioeconomic factors behind our city’s homeless crisis.” - Marialexa Kavanaugh, LAist

“A powerful look at the unsung heroes who are out on the streets of Los Angeles at all hours.” - Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

“Has real impact!” - Larry Mantle, KPCC Film Week

“This candid look at the homeless problem in LA could start a new movie movement.” - Jason Coleman, Why So Blu

“The power of The Advocates isn’t so much in its depiction of a truly monumental problem, but in its depiction of a solution.” - Anthony Garcia Taormina, The Film Era Read More

"An ode to those who do everything they can to find housing for the homeless, as well as a primer on Los Angeles County’s tumultuous housing history and the origins of its homeless crisis." - Brian Marks, The Argonaut

"Your job is like Groundhog day: It's doing the same thing everyday, it may not change or get better, but you have to do it." - Conor Holt, One Week Only 

"What the film does leave viewers with is a sense of renewed appreciation for its namesake: the advocates who are working day in and day out to keep fighting for the individuals against all odds. Their tenacity is courageous and worthy of being championed. “...this film can simply remind us all to be more compassionate to our neighbors who do not share the privilege of housing security, and take extra steps toward supporting our community." - H. Nelson Tracey, Cinemacy

"The Advocates is certainly well-meaning and does shed a lot of light on the human toll of our “urban refugees…The Advocates takes an insider look at a compelling crisis that seems to be mushrooming across Los Angeles far beyond the confines of Skid Row: Homelessness." - Ed Rampell, People’s World

"This compelling documentary...eloquently reports on the structural reasons that have led many of them to end up in the streets, such as the brutal increases in rent prices as a result of gentrification." - Sergio Burstein, LAFF Read More

"Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates, provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L.A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing" - Chris Maynard, Following Films Read More

"The Advocates seeks to highlight the hard work of those who tirelessly lend a helping hand to Los Angeles’ homeless." - Pierce Singgih, Film School Rejects

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Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

SURFER:  Teen Confronts Fear poster

SURFER: Teen Confronts Fear

Jan 25 to Jan 26
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Douglas Burke - 2018 - 90m - An ALBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation - $8 general / $6 students

“There is no excuse for “Surfer” - Variety


Surfing since as young as he can remember, at the age of 13, Sage is crippled by fear after suffering a wipeout on a huge wave. The wave slammed him to the bottom and held him pinned there without air until he nearly died.

With his whole life still ahead of him yet now paralyzed by fear, Sage no longer surfs the waves. But unable to ignore the mystical and powerful pull of the ocean, he fishes in the surf, and finds more than he bargained for.

This is the story of a teenager who confronts fear . . .

“A surreal meditation on faith and surfing, with the writer/director/producer also starring as a ghost made of squid ink… a fascinatingly absurd drama.” - Vice Magazine

“I can’t speak any higher than Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear than to say I am convinced that nobody on Earth could have made it except Doug Burke. It comes as a sort of anti-surprise that Burke wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and scored the film: the film feels like a glimpse into the man’s brain that’s more devastatingly insightful than he probably intended. Material this weird can’t be made up: it has to flow through one’s soul. Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear is rich with idiosyncratic intent and utterly bankrupt in self-awareness. And there’s no finer Incredibly Strange qualification in the world than that.” - Andrew Todd, Slash Film

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