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Our Thirteenth Annual Festival of Film Noir !!

Jul 22 to Jul 31
Friday to the following Sunday!

1940s to 1980s - 10 days of 5 double features in the dark amongst friends & strangers!

It's a lucky 13 years now since our first foray into this enticing darkened corner of film fests! For ten amazing nights the Guild Cinema will host a most exciting film noir program that spans 40 years of choice tales on being sly, lowdown and not quite on the level! 

Fri & Sat July 22 & 23:  BURT LANCASTER NOIR

CRISS CROSS  (4:30, 8:30)

Inflamed passions, greed, robbery and murder are the sizzling ingredients which make director Robert Siodmak's moody, powerful thriller catch fire. Burt Lancaster stars as a hardworking armored car driver with a fatal attraction to his ex-wife, Ann (Yvonne DeCarlo), now married to notorious hoodlum Slim Dundee (Dan Duryea). Unable to keep himself from her, Lancaster has a secret tryst with Ann, only to be discovered by Dundee. To cover up their affair, Lancaster convinces the hoodlum that he only met Ann to get Dundee's help in robbing an upcoming payroll shipment he will be driving. The hood falls for the lie, which triggers a series of dark and foreboding events that ultimately lead to violence and death. It's classic film noir suspense from the master of the genre.  Directed by Robert Siodmak. 88 mins. 1949.  VIEW A TRAILER.


THE KILLERS (6:30pm) 

A neglected screen classic, this is an intense, hard-edged, stylish film noir of robbery, unrequited love, brutal betrayal and double-cross. It featured two unknowns: Burt Lancaster in his film debut (at age 32) and a break-out memorable performance from 23 year old MGM contract actress Ava Gardner. Her role as the film's duplicitous, strikingly-beautiful, vixenish and unsympathetic femme fatale made Gardner an overnight love goddess and star.  Directed by Robert Siodmak.  97 mins. 1946.  VIEW A TRAILER.


Sun & Mon July 24 & 25:  RUNNIN' & GUNNIN' NOIR - TWO LOST & RESTORED GEMS! 

PRIVATE PROPERTY  (4:45, 8:15)

Completely lost until UCLA Film & TV Archive recently located the only known 35mm elements, which have been restored by Cinelicious for this beautiful digital re-release!  Two homicidal Southern California drifters (played to creepy perfection by Warren Oates and Corey Allen) wander off the beach and into the seemingly-perfect Beverly Hills home of unhappy housewife Kate Manx, in this long-lost film noir gem written & directed by The Outer Limits creator Leslie Stevens. Shot through with shimmering sexual tension and lensed in stunning B&W by master cameraman Ted McCord (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre), Private Property is both an eerie, Jim Thompson-esque thriller and a savage critique of the hollowness of the Playboy-era American Dream. When Manx, in irresistible blonde beehive and tight capri pants, purrs that she’s ready for love, her husband waves her off, muttering “Wife noises” to his buddy on the phone. Directed by Leslie Stevens. 79 mins. 1960. 


WOMAN ON THE RUN (6:30pm) 

A lost gem rediscovered! Thanks to the efforts of the Film Noir Foundation, this terrific 1950 film noir, the only American print of which was burned in a 2008 fire, has been rescued and restored to its original luster. Join the wild chase around San Francisco as a man goes into hiding after witnessing a gangland execution. Police bird-dog his wife Eleanor (Ann Sheridan), certain she’ll lead them to her husband, whose testimony against the killer could bring down a crime kingpin. But Eleanor and her hubbie are Splitsville—she never wants to see him again. When roguish newspaperman Danny Leggett (Dennis O’Keefe) charms Eleanor into helping him track down the hidden husband—there are unexpected, stunning, and poignant results. This nervy, shot-on-location thriller is a witty and wise look at the travails of romance and marriage, and perhaps the best cinematic depiction ever of mid-20th century San Francisco.  Directed by Norman Foster.  79 mins. 1950.  VIEW A TRAILER.


Tues & Wed July 26 & 27: PETER LORRE NOIR

 FACE BEHIND THE MASK (5:00, 8:30)

Noir film goers favorite creepy, little guy, Peter Lorre, stars as Janos Szaby, a Hungarian immigrant watchmaker. Filled with the enthusiasm and aspirations of a newly landed immigrant, Janos experiences tragedy in a boardinghouse fire that leaves his face hideously disfigured. Refused employment due to his appearance, Janos turns to theft. Eventually, he becomes the leader of a gang of thieves and raises enough money to commission the creation of a realistic, latex mask of his own face.  Directed by Robert Florey. 69 mins. 1941. 



A mystery novelist, (played by Peter Lorre), on vacation in Istanbul, is given the opportunity to view the body of the recently deceased criminal mastermind Dimitrios Makropoulos. Upon seeing the body, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the story behind the crime lord's rise to power. With the help of a local police inspector, the writer journeys across Europe, piecing together a sordid narrative of Dimitrios' life, and uncovering long buried secrets. Sidney Greenstreet co-stars.   Directed by Jean Negulesco.  95 mins. 1944.  VIEW A TRAILER.


Thurs & Fri July 28 & 29: AMNESIA NOIR

CRACK-UP (4:30, 8:00)

After a train wreck sends an art critic (Pat O'Brien) into a mental tailspin, he's fired from his job at a New York art museum.  Seems unjust - until you learn there was no train wreck. This overlooked, nervy, film noir explores the sinister world of violence, and the monied world of aesthetics as the O'Brien character attempts to reconstruct what really happened that leads him to murder, mania, and international conspiracy.  Directed by Irving Reis. 93 mins. 1946.  VIEW A TRAILER.



An amnesiac must prove himself innocent of murder in this twisty noir mystery from director Anthony Mann, starring Tom “The Falcon” Conway and Ann Rutherford (Inside Job). On the corner of a fog-bound street, a disoriented man (Conway) is nearly run down when he stumbles in front of a taxi. Unable to recall his name or past, he soon discovers that a man answering his description is wanted for murder. Aided by the cab’s cynical driver (Rutherford), the suspect poses as a reporter to solve the crime even though all clues point to his guilt. Anticipating the atmospheric trappings of Mann’s classic film noirs (T-Men, Raw Deal), Two O’Clock Courage is a unique combination of genre archetypes and banter, and features future femme fatale Jane Greer (Out of the Past) in her first credited screen role.  Directed by Anthony Mann.  68 mins. 1945.  VIEW A TRAILER.


Sat & Sun July 30 & 31: 80'S SEDUCTRESS NOIR

BODY HEAT (3:30, 8:30)

William Hurt and Kathleen Turner strike sparks in Lawrence Kasdan's directorial debut, a sexy, haunting tale of desire and skullduggery that echoes 1940s film noirs but is charged with an energy and passion that could only flare in the '80s. Aided by a sultry John Barry score, just sit back and bask in this contemporary classic's wicked warmth.  Directed by Lawrence Kasdan. 113 mins. 1981.  VIEW A TRAILER.



Academy Award winners Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange star in this sexually charged thriller by Bob Rafaelson (FIVE EASY PIECES, HEAD) about the illicit love affair between a drifter and the restless wife of a gruff, middle-aged roadhouse owner. Torn between a desperate need for each other and their desire for money, they plot a murder--which leads to shattering consequences.  Directed by Bob Rafaelson.  122 mins. 1981.  VIEW A TRAILER.

Our Thirteenth Annual Festival of Film Noir !! poster

Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

April and the Extraordinary World poster

April and the Extraordinary World

Jul 29 to Jul 30
Friday and Saturday 10:45pm ONLY!

Dir. Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci - 2016 - 103m - France - In French with English subtitles - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special presentation! $8 General / $6 students with valid i.d.s

From the creators of the Academy Award®-nominated Persepolis and the mind of renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi comes a riveting sci-fi adventure set in an alternate steampunk universe!

Paris, 1941. A family of scientists is on the brink of discovering a powerful longevity serum when all of a sudden a mysterious force abducts them, leaving their young daughter April behind. Ten years later, April (voiced by Academy Award® nominee Marion Cotillard) lives alone with her dear cat, Darwin, and carries on her family’s research in secret. But she soon finds herself at the center of a shadowy and far-reaching conspiracy, and on the run from government agents, bicycle-powered dirigibles and cyborg rat spies.




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