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American Fable

Mar 28 to Mar 30
Tuesday to Thursday 8:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Anne Hamilton - 2016 - 97m - No Matinees

A dark, dreamlike mystery plays out amidst the expansive farmlands of the American Midwest in this wondrous, storybook thriller. With her family’s livelihood imperiled by the farm crisis of the 1980s, eleven-year-old Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) loses herself in a world of fantasy and make believe. But she stumbles into her own fairytale when she makes a startling discovery: a well-dressed mystery man (Richard Schiff) being held captive in her family’s silo. It’s the beginning of a labyrinthine journey that will turn Gitty’s world upside down and force her to question her loyalty to her own family. The feature debut from director Anne Hamilton unleashes a torrent of gorgeous, stunningly surreal images as it immerses viewers in a child’s imagination.

“Gorgeously shot, and helmed with a sense of daring and verve that belies Hamilton's greenness to feature filmmaking, this is a debut of obvious promise” - Andrew Barker, Variety

“Hamilton crosses farmer's-revenge melodrama with coming-of-age reverie and found-a-genie fairy tale, balancing expressive location photography with her cast's low-key naturalism.” - Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice

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Mar 28 to Mar 30
Tuesday to Thursday 4:30, 6:30

Dir. Josef von Sternberg - 1953 - 91m - Japan - In Japanese & English with English subtitles

NEW RESTORATION!  Inspired by an actual event during WWII, Josef von Sternberg's Anatahan, tells the story of a dozen Japanese sailors who are stranded on the remote island of Anatahan during the waning days of the war. The war ends, unbeknownst to the men, and they engage in their own private war for dominance of their island domain and possession of the sole woman in their midst, Keiko (Akemi Negishi), the so-called "Queen Bee" of Anatahan.

“There are…sequences…that immediately evoke some of the best work ever done by this great motion-picture stylist.” - The New York Times

"[Anatahan] could be his masterpiece.  [T]he feelings that emerge are incredibly pure and immediate: Sternberg seems to be photographing the absolute essence of human emotion." - Dave Kehr, The Chicago Reader

"If the material is fascinating, the treatment is just amazing.  Sequences of dream-like abstraction and images of staggering beauty are recognizably the work of the man who created the image of Marlene Dietrich, but here they go way beyond Hollywood evasions and compromises.  [T]he film works subversively by implicating its audience in the patterns of desire and violence, discipline and surrender.  It's brilliant.  When was the last time you felt stark naked after a movie?" - Time Out

“Masterpiece... Long celebrated but too often difficult to see, Anatahan, Josef von Sternberg's final film, reemerges in a new 2K restoration from Kino Lorber—and what a strange and still-radical swan song it remains.” - Kenji Fujishima, Village Voice

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Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu poster

Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu

Apr 7 to Apr 8
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Tatsuya Oishi - 2017 - 83m - Japan - In Japanese with English subtitles - All Seats $15


With help from Meme Oshino, the apparition specialist, Koyomi defeats the three powerful vampire hunters:  Dramaturgy, Episode and Guillotinecutter.  Koyomi takes back all the limbs of Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion-Heart-Underblade in order to become a human again.   But, when he returns to Kiss-Shot, she reveals to him the cold truth of what it means to be a vampire - a creature of the night.  Unable to take back what he has done, Koyomi feels nothing but regret and can only deny his dreadful fate.    While Koyomi is struggling to face reality, his  “friend” Tsubasa Hanekawa comes to him with a certain plan...

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