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Dir. Dimitri de Clercq - 2018 - 116m - France, Germany, Belgium - In some French, Flemish & Berber with English subtitles

In a desolate stretch of the Sahara, a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone. Jake, a reclusive architect, finds her unconscious. He drives her to the nearest doctor, to discover that she's suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. Intoxicated by the woman's beauty, Jake claims to be her husband. He names her Kitty and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate.

As Kitty struggles to come to grips with who she is, Jake invents an elaborate life they can share – the life he has always yearned for. Little by little, Kitty begins to fall in love with him. But when shreds of her past begin to surface, Jake takes steps to ensure he will not lose the love of his life...

"CRITIC'S PICK! Shot in Morocco between searing sunlight and pillowy dunes, 'You Go to My Head' is a mysteriously elusive romance whose location is almost overpoweringly tangible. (The sensual cinematography is by Stijn Grupping.) Hacène Larbi's eerily dissonant score is as perfectly spare as the film's emotions, yet it imbues Kitty's situation with a mesmerizing, inchoate danger. The movie is clamoring to erupt into melodrama, but de Clercq, content to wallow in teasingly luscious and enigmatically staged images, happily isn't listening."  -Jeannette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"VISUALLY STUNNING! From its desert landscapes to its principal setting of an architecturally distinguished house to its extremely photogenic lead actress, every frame of the psychological thriller proves visually stunning to atmospheric mood piece akin to Kubrick or Antonioni. Delfine Bafort delivers a mesmerizing, fascinatingly enigmatic turn that keeps us fully invested in her character's fate. By the time 'You Go To My Head' reaches its surprising conclusion, you will have become thoroughly caught in its mysterious grip."  -Frank Scheck, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"SUSPENSEFUL AND SENSUAL! Faint but discernible echoes of Hitchcock and Antonioni abound throughout 'You Go to My Head,' a coolly affected yet ineffably captivating drama that builds interest and sustains tension by teasingly frustrating audience expectations at almost every turn. This stylishly drama, exquisitely photographed by Stijn Grupping, gains emotional resonance from impressive lead performances by Delfine Bafort and Svetozar Cvetkovic. The deft interplay between the two is by turns suspenseful and sensual"  - Joe Leydon, VARIETY

"HITCHCOCKIAN! 'You Go to My Head' is a warped and lush tale of obsession, deception, and romance. Stijn Grupping's stellar cinematography beautifully captures the Moroccan Sahara Desert is a breathtaking, yet deadly location. With a hypnotic use of color, light, and sound, the film operates like an unworldly dream."  - Andrew Stover, FILM THREAT

"It’s not hard to see why Dimitri de Clercq’s first solo feature as a director has become a film festival favourite: You Go To My Head is a psychological thriller that increasingly grips and unsettles...and also benefits from gorgeous Moroccan landscapes lovingly shot, and spectacular architecture."  -Andrew Nickolds, Take One (UK)

"With echoes to the cinema of Antonioni, Hitchcock and Kubrick, de Clercq seeks and manages to build an eminently visual and sensorial experience."  -Laura Riera Forteza, Peli o Manta (Spain)

"What stays on your mind is the film’s imagery. Painted like an abstract work of art on a huge canvas, every scene stands out like the perfect visual form."  -Shilpa Sebastian R, The Hindu (India)

FOUR STAR REVIEW "A film has to move me. And that is exactly what You Go To My Head did. I loved this film, and will go to the ends of the earth to proclaim such sentiments. When you experience something this moving and gorgeous and unique, you can’t help but spread the word. And You Go to My Head is – from my perspective – a perfect film. It’s a memorable masterpiece. In other words, it 'went to my head'."  -Michael Klug, Horror Freak News

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