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Dir. Jessie Barr - 2021 - 85m

Inspired by true experiences of grief, girlhood, and growing up, SOPHIE JONES, the debut feature from Jessie Barr, provides a stirring portrait of a sixteen year old. Stunned by the untimely death of her mother and struggling with the myriad challenges of teendom, Sophie (played with striking immediacy by the director’s cousin) tries everything she can to feel something again, while holding herself together, in this sensitive, acutely realized, and utterly relatable coming-of-age story.

“A quiet, brilliant film ... indie coming-of-age at its best!” — THE PLAYLIST

“Euphoria meets Ladybird …one of the most authentic explorations of grief in recent cinema. With a fantastic performance from Barr and stunning direction, this film will stick with you long after the credits roll.” — SCREEN QUEENS

“A low-key charmer that summons big emotions.” — THE MOVEABLE FEST

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