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WE THE PEOPLES BEFORE Short Films & Panel - an Indigenous Cinema Screenings special event

Jun 30
Sun 1:00pm only!

All Seats $10

Sponsored by AIO (American for Indian Opportunity) & NATIVEZINE Productions!  

Five Native American women from several tribal communities were commissioned by First People’s Fund to create short films for the celebration of Native cultural expression and sovereignty for the “We The Peoples Before” cultural celebration of 25th Anniversary of First Peoples Fund in the Arts at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

First People's Fund, We The Peoples Before speaks to the diversity of Nations, cultures, languages, philosophies, spiritual traditions, peoples, and practices rooted in land and territories that flourished across North America long before the founding of the United States and the U.S. Constitution.

 Short Films To Be Screened  by -

o Nanobah Becker (Diné)

o Madeline Easley (Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma)

o Charine Pilar Gonzales (San Ildefonso Pueblo)

o Marcella Kwe (Ojibwe)

o Shawna Shandíín Sunrise (Diné/Kewa)

Q & A with three of the local filmmakers to follow screenings!

More background:  During the summer of 2022 First Peoples Fund reclaimed our spaces in the ancestral lands of the Nacotchtank, Piscataway and Pamunkey lands (also known as Washington, DC) during the 25th anniversary of the First Peoples Fund. At The Kennedy Arts Center, world renowned for creative arts over the last 50 years, we showed and shared our cultural lifeways and diversity as Indigenous Peoples with the public. We The Peoples Before celebrated film, theater, performances like spoken words, and music. It was also a way for the First Peoples Fund to correct the stereotypes of Native Peoples through the performing arts and how the theory of Indigenous Arts Ecology, which leads our work, is reciprocally linked to the worldviews and cultures of who we are as cultural bearers and artists. First Peoples Fund pluralizes ‘Peoples’ to include global Indigenous peoples and the hard fights of changing and recognizing our demographic as peoples instead of generic labels of identifying Indigenous populations.

June 30, 2024

1:00 PM

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