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WARM BLOOD and THE BODY CORPORATE - A Fuck Your Condo Double Feature

Dec 6 & 7
Wed and Thurs 7pm - ALL SEATS $10

Dir. Rick Charnoski - 2021 to 2023 - 120m approx.


Wednesday December 6 at 7pm

THE BODY CORPORATE (short) - the first Fuck Your Condo production from Anti-Hero and Six Stair- A story about skateboarding being an act of defiance, a path away from the status quo and spoon fed commercialism while also telling the story of what drew these skaters to skateboarding and why it sticks so strongly. Shot in New Zealand in 2017 on super 8 and 16mm film- this movie has been "lost" behind a paywall since it was released. This is Six Stair's last film made with Anti Hero.

WARM BLOOD (feature) - Inhabiting the fringes of Modesto, California in the toxic haze of the 1980’s, this is a politically subversive collage of sound, narrative, documentary and trash B movie meta narratives, hand stitched by filmmaker Rick Charnoski in his debut feature.

Red is a driven young runaway who returns to her hometown to track down her wayward father. As she wanders the streets, she reflects on her early teen life through reading a journal that she finds in her old bedroom. Tom, a young drifter, possibly a figment of Red's imagination, continues to reappear in his '73 Duster and scoop her up after she repeatedly ditches him. There may be an ominous conspiracy about a chemical induced sickness that threatens their entire town. Is this a nightmare or is this just what home looks like when you leave and come back two years later and two years older?

Shot on 16mm film by renowned cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt and ten years in the making, WARM BLOOD weaves together jagged textures of old photos, scrawled letters found in the trash, interviews done in the midnight gloom under bridges, random audio samples and fake news.

WARM BLOOD is an inverted vision of two lost souls shot in the same town as George Lucas‘ AMERICAN GRAFFITI- A distress flare of a film shot into the night sky. A kaleidoscopic hitchhiker's guide to the underbelly of America.

"It's like Richard Linklater, David Lynch and Errol Morris had a love child and his name was Rick Charnoski.” -- Tim Basaraba, Nada Mucho

"Charnoski’s film will annoy those who prefer their films to be more straightforward and direct... the old certainties have become irrelevant and quiet chaos has arisen to supplant them." -- Beyond Chron, SF

Thursday December 7 at 7pm

2 short super 8 films about bombing Indian School ditch (that's right here in Albuquerque!) , plus a surprise short film from Six Stair will open tonight's program!

WARM BLOOD (feature) - description above

ABOUT SIX STAIR - After the underground success of their first film, the super 8mm skateboard classic Fruit of the Vine (1999), Coan "Buddy" Nichols and Rick Charnoski founded the independent production company Six Stair, which operates under the same DIY ethics of the subculture that raised them: skateboarding and punk rock.  Since 1999 Nichols and Charnoski have charted an unorthodox path, making a broad range of films that consistently go beyond tired tropes to illuminate deeper truths.

December 6, 2023

7:00 PM

December 7, 2023

7:00 PM

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