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RIGHT IN THE EYE - a live movie concert by Alcoléa & Cie featuring the works of Georges Méliès

Mar 3
An additional show added at 9:00pm since the 7:00pm show sold out! - All Seats $15

A creation by Jean-François Alcoléa based on Georges Méliès’ Films - 75m approx - France - In French & English with English subtitles when necessary

A special touring ALL AGES live movie concert celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Following over 700 performances over the globe, the French artist and composer Jean-François Alcoléa presents now in the United States his Five-Star-Show at the Edinburgh Fringe, Right in the Eye, a live movie-concert based on Georges Méliès’ films, the father of cinema, fictional movies, and special effects.

Through 12 films, Jean-François Alcoléa offers a very unique and modern rendition of the poetic and playful universe of George Méliès by aptly serving both its images and its narrative. Each film is accompanied by original music played by three live musicians who enjoy themselves for the great pleasure of the audiences and capture their attention. They are drawing their inspiration from the fictional fantasy worlds of such features as The Impossible Voyage, or the burlesque universe of shorts such The Four Troublesome Heads.  More than a screening Right in the Eye has been created as a proper show, giving as much to see on the screen as on stage.

Right in the Eye presents a special orchestration with multiple instruments, some of which you won’t see anywhere else, giving a very broad range of tonal colors and variety of modal scales. "The unique instrumentation mirrors Méliès’ films." The lighting reflects the atmosphere and color temperatures of the pictures. The scenic design is inspired by the films, thus energizing the set and establishing continuity with the projection.

Concept, musical compositions and sound creation, keyboard, string structure, melodica, objects: Jean François Alcoléa

Drum, guitar: Fabrice Favriou

Sound, keyboard, percussions, objects: Thomas Desmartis

Sound, Light & video manager: Mathieu Lucas

“He would have loved it!” said Méliès Great Granddaughter

"We are living in the movie world created by Georges Méliès more than a century ago, smug in the illusion that we are experiencing the very last thing."The New York Times, USA

“This show rises to the challenge of reflecting the wondrous singularity that so appropriately describes the films produced by Méliès. It is at once inventive, elegant, and moving... right to the core. “— Festival Avignon, France

“A music that stirs fantasies having fine-tuned a varied, top-notch sonorous instrumentation that would certainly not have displeased the filmmaker.” — Zibeline, France

“Alcolea & cie explore the legacy of a unique cinematic entrepreneur with playful, childlike energy. Inventive percussion & joyous, melodic harmonies combine to form a whole truly greater than the sum of its parts. 5/5.” ***** — Fringebiscuit, UK

“Right in the eye was creatively intelligent. All the sounds and music brought Georges Méliès’ film to life. Alcoléa helped showcase the talent and imagination that Méliès put in to each film he created.” -  The Houstonian, USA

The Films

Introduction (documentary based on archival material)

Le cauchemar (A Nightmare)

Un homme de têtes (The Four Troublesome Heads)

Voyage à travers l’impossible (The Impossible Voyage)

La visite sous-marine du Maine (Divers at Work on the Wreck of the "Maine")

Le voyage de Gulliver à Lilliput et chez les Géants (The Lilliputians and the Giants)

Panorama pris d’un train en marche (Panorama from Top of a Moving Train)

Les nouvelles luttes extravagantes (Fat and Lean Wrestling Match)

Le merveilleux éventail vivant (The Marvelous Living Fan)

L’équilibre impossible (An Impossible Balancing Feat)

Le royaume des fées (The Kingdom of Fairies)

Nain et géant (The Dwarf and the Giant)

March 3, 2024

7:00 PM

March 3, 2024

9:00 PM

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