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POUNDCAKE - the controversial newest comedy from the director of Catfight

Jun 28 thru Jul 1
Fri to Mon 8:15pm only!

Dir. Onur Tukel - 2023 - 90m

There’s a madman loose in New York City. Late at night, he stalks the streets looking for straight white men to punish. When he finds them, he kills them in unspeakable ways. In New York City, however, nothing is unspeakable. Plenty of people in the bustling metropolis have something to say about it, especially the podcasters, who use their platforms to opine on the serial killer and his victims. Some think the victims are getting what they deserve. Aren’t straight white men responsible for a majority of the world’s problems?  They run fortune 500 companies that pollute the environment. They’ve governed countries who have started devastating wars. They’ve built a system of capitalism that is racist and oppressive.

Some think the serial killer isn’t real and that the news outlets have fabricated the murders to garner sympathy for white folks. Besides, who owns most of the newspapers and corporate news outlets?   It’s not the Blacks or the Asians or the Arabs.  And since people are finally holding straight white men accountable for centuries of oppression, this would be the perfect excuse for them to play the victim instead.

Some think it’s all a f%$king joke. A serial killer targeting straight white men? Who cares?  It’s about time the shoe was on the other foot.

June 28, 2024

8:15 PM

June 30, 2024

8:15 PM

June 29, 2024

8:15 PM

July 1, 2024

8:15 PM

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