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MIDAS - the new DEI Heist Thriller

Jul 29 thru 31
Mon thru Wed 8:15pm only!

Dir. TJ Noel-Sullivan - 2024 - 86m

The feature debut of writer/director TJ Noel-Sullivan, MIDAS offers a fresh and socially relevant take on the classic heist genre. The film follows a charismatic college dropout who recruits his best friends to rob the health insurer that denied his mom’s coverage. After things take a dark turn, the trio must wrestle with the limits of their greed.

The film was shot in Hartford, CT, the insurance capital of the world, and stars Laquan Copeland (The Dirty South), Preet Kaur (Finding Tony), Federico Parra (The Equalizer), Lucy Powers (Voyeur), and Bob Gallagher (Bad Senator).

July 29, 2024

8:15 PM

July 31, 2024

8:15 PM

July 30, 2024

8:15 PM

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