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Sept 22 thru 25
Fri to Mon 6:00pm

Dir. Jared Moshé - 2023 - 105m

The latest film from award-winning writer/director Jared Moshé (THE BALLAD OF LEFTY BROWN).

Sophie’s (Judy Greer, HALLOWEEN) life takes a sudden hard turn when either fate or a terrible chance of circumstance sees her husband Mal (Edi Gathegi, THE HARDER THEY FALL) killed in a drunk-driving accident. Left to parent her grief-torn teenaged daughter (Faithe Herman, SHAZAM!) on her own while trying to keep things together with an emotionally taxing nursing job, her breaking point might be coming up fast and it takes every bit of her remaining strength not to fall apart. One day, her husband’s best friend (Payman Maadi, A SEPARATION), a brilliant former physicist, approaches her with an experimental machine that he’s secretly been working on for years. One that’s capable of bending time in specific ways. A device that could — perhaps — bring a version of Sophie’s old life back to her. She understands that by taking a chance with this, the consequences will be entirely unforeseeable. It’s an impossible choice to make. And a lifeline that’s all but impossible to resist.

"A poignant, thought-provoking twist to the genre" - San Jose Mercury News

"Mesmerizing and haunting" - MovieWeb

"A deeply moving heartbreaker of speculative science fiction, written with palpable love for its characters and packing reams of gripping twists and turns, APORIA is an experience to be reckoned with." - Mitch Davis, Fantasia Artistic Director

September 22, 2023

6:00 PM

September 24, 2023

6:00 PM

September 23, 2023

6:00 PM

September 25, 2023

6:00 PM

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