May 12 to May 15
Friday thru Monday 3pm, 7:45

Francois Ozon - 2023 - 113m - France - In French with English subtitles

André (André Dussollier) has never been the easiest of fathers. But when he suffers a debilitating stroke and calls on his daughter Emmanuèle (Sophie Marceau) to help him pass on with some dignity, she finds herself faced with a painful decision. When Emmanuèle’s husband asks why André would make such a request from his daughter, her response is clear: ‘That’s why, because I’m his daughter.’

Featuring stunning performances by Marceau and Dussollier, as well as a scene-stealing cameo by Charlotte Rampling as André’s ex-wife, veteran director François Ozon tackles a complex subject with intelligence and sensitivity.

"It’s life-affirming and teaches us something valid about life’s unexpected but unavoidable challenges, eschewing all temptations to give in to sentimentality." - Rex Reed. Observer

"By accepting the macabre premise on the same terms as the characters, Ozon finds something universal – even mordantly funny – on the other side." - Alan Zilberman, Spectrum Culture

"Graceful, subdued brushstrokes that never feel too thick or imposing." - Alex Saveliev, Film Threat

"Without indulging in showy emotional displays, Marceau excels as a woman living with conflicted emotions that allow for no easy resolution." - Robert Denerstein, Denerstein Unleashed

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