Nov 27
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Eric Leiser - 2008-2022 - 75m approx - ALL SEATS JUST $8 FOR THIS SPECIAL DIRECTOR IN PERSON EVENT!


Eric Leiser (Curriculum Vitae) is an award-winning filmmaker, animator, puppeteer, writer, holographer and multi-media artist working in the New York area born in California. A graduate from CalArt's Experimental Animation program [2005], he creates animated and live action feature films and shorts as well as works integrating animation, puppetry, holography, live performance and installation. Leiser is interested in how animation transforms perception when it is combined with live action space, creating a fantastical, spiritual, or surrealistic quality. His animated and live action films have been shown internationally in museums, film festivals worldwide, galleries, and through special installations across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Pinnacles (2 min, 35mm/16mm, 2022 - Some 23 million years ago multiple volcanoes erupted, flowed, and slid to form what would become Pinnacles National Park. The resulting spires from an ancient volcanic eruption are home to a diverse range of animals, revered as sacred by the Chalun and Matsun Native American Tribes as the home of the Firebird/Thunderbird (California Condor) a supernatural being of power and strength. Pinnacles represents transcendent moments, spiritual guidance and forging new timelines within interpersonal landscapes.

Anthropic Principle (4 min, 16mm, 2016) - Explores the arc of the natural world’s evolution from the primeval environment to the Anthropocene.  *screened in Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1906-2016 at the Whitney Museum of American Art organized by Chrissie Iles*

LAND (2 min, Digital 2012- 2018, restoration) - A fluid series of formal land animation experiments based upon the imprint of landscapes in various locations and intuitive interpretations of those movements. *part of EYE Filmmuseum Permanent Collection*

Superfluidity (4 min, Slavich 4X6 glass plate holographic film transferred to Digital, 2017) - Analog reflection holograms dance throughout space and time, dark matter in galaxies behaves as a special type of fluid, known as a superfluid, holographic animation reveals the simultaneity of making the invisible visible.

Forest (2 min, Digital, 2022/2008) - a girl lost in a forest meets a nephilim *4K restoration of acclaimed 2008 stop motion puppet film*

Ambient Chaconne (9 min, Digital, 2019) - A time-lapse animation meditation on geothermal energy, erosion, seismic activity and magma.  Shot above the Yellowstone Caldera and amongst the Bryce Canyon Hoodoos the film explores how they connect to past cataclysms, today's endangered environment within the sixth mass extinction and future threats to an ecosystem already in collapse. The musical accompaniment composed and performed by Pauline Kim Harris is based on a reimagining of the Chaconne from the Partita in D minor (BWV 1004) by J.S Bach.

Seraphim on the Go! (2min, Digital, 2021) - A life size stop motion child puppet races through memories and daydreams reflecting on the cyclical nature of life.

Dwell With Me (4 min, 16mm/Digital, 2018) - Stop motion animated Jack O' Lantern folktale retelling the origin of the Wil-o'-the-Wisp 

Secret (3 min, Digital, 2020) - A family pod of three ghost dolphins navigates decay as an inevitable register while also having a secret ascension to a higher ground.

Santa Rosa (4min, 35mm, 2021) - A family deals with loss of a family member while reflecting on moments of happiness.

Apocalypsis:Theosis (10 min, 16mm/Digital, 2017) - "revelation" (Gr. apokalypsis) means the uncovering of something that has been previously hidden.

Cure (2 min, Digital, 2020) - Young lovers dream of renewal during illness during the covid-19 pandemic

Little Band of Sailors (4 min, Digital, 2013) - Creatures fight for survival in their own unique and resourceful ways.