MUD LUSCIOUS: short films by the NO NAME CINEMA folks Justin Rhody, Ben Kujawski & Abigail Smith

Sep 11
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

various - 2015 to NOW! - 75m approx. - ALL SEATS $8

The good folks of Santa Fe's way awesome microcinema NO NAME CINEMA comes to town with a stew of short movies to fancy, perplex, amuse, engage & wonder over!  You don't want to miss this one!

FROM THE MIGHTY JUSTIN RHODY HIMSELF - We'll be presenting a full program of our respective short films. The formats and techniques of the films will run the gamut in wild eclecticism: works shot on Super 8, hand-sewn/painted and xeroxed 35mm, hand painted 8mm mail art collaborations, VHS found footage, 4K digital narratives that resemble normal movies, abstract miniDV video pieces ... "

Potemkin Piece (2022 / 1 min 35 secs / 35mm / sound):

A collaborative deconstruction/destruction of a Battleship Potemkin 35mm trailer created through the mail during lockdown with nearly 100 participants. Each person was sent half-second long strips of the film to manipulate as they saw fit. Once returned, they were spliced together in a new sequence creating a chance-driven score from the optical soundtrack. A messy and exciting experiment in montage and cut up techniques made by a diverse cast including found footage maestro Craig Baldwin and my high school girlfriend.

Move Outs (2020 / 18 mins / VHS / sound): 

A drifting malaise searches the domestic interior for signs of life in this found footage short. Original source material found in a Midwestern American alleyway. Score by Carlos Gonzalez.

Black Palms (2022 / 1 min / 35mm / sound): 

Created by xeroxing directly onto 35mm film stock using the copy machine at work after-hours.

Media Mail I (2020 / 4 mins / Super-8mm / silent):

The first in a series of long distance hand painted film collaborations with Josh Vidal carried out through the mail during lockdown.

El Rito (2021 / 8 mins / MiniDV / sound):

"Loss begets loss in the confusing dream of Lot 55, El Rito Estates. The last familiar man paces the parking lot, flush red and middle grey through a cypher of non-negotiation. And the twenty acres are taken. And the money's gone missing. And the house always wins." Score by Adam Keith.

Closed Off Opening (2020 / 16 mins / MiniDV / silent): 

An aurae psycho-portrait of a bush in bloom, time spent alongside it & a newfound comfort in isolation.

Harquahala Mountain Wilderness (2021 / 9 mins / VHS):

A man wanders the wastelands of Arizona preaching of the new ascension.

Misery Machine (2018 / 3 mins / Super-8mm): 

Documentary-Montage filmed at Riverhead Raceway, Long Island, NY


Justin Clifford Rhody is a photographer, filmmaker and sound artist currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work has been exhibited and published in galleries and alleyways, both nationally and internationally, on cassettes and vinyl records, in print publications, film festivals, as well as online. He ran the Friends & Relatives record label 1999-2016 and has been organizing underground music & art events for over 20 years. Rhody is the founder/co-operator of No Name Cinema and currently runs the Physical media imprint and performs violin, film, harmonica & guitar in the K/S/R expanded cinema trio. 

Abigail Smith is a collage artist, field recordist, experimental filmmaker, archivist and master librarian. Her work has been exhibited in the Bay Area, New Mexico, and in print - most recently in Baited Area magazine. Her field recordings have been released by Eh? Audio Repository, with a forthcoming release from the Physical media imprint. Smith is a co-operator of No Name Cinema in Santa Fe and performs flute, film & percussion in the K/S/R expanded cinema trio.

Ben Kujawski is a filmmaker, writer and musician from Long Island, New York currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His films have premiered at festivals in Cologne Germany, Woodstock NY, and New Mexico. Kujawski is a co-operator of No Name Cinema in Santa Fe and performs organ, accordion, film & slide guitar in the K/S/R expanded cinema trio.

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