Aug 11 to Aug 14
Thursday thru Sunday 5pm ONLY!

Claire Denis - 2022 - 116m - France - In French with English Subtitles - No Matinees

Juliette Binoche is Sara, a radio presenter whose life spirals out of control when she becomes involved in a passionate love triangle involving her former boyfriend and current who are planning to work together at Sports Agency. From acclaimed writer-director Claire Denis (BEAU TRAVAIL, TROUBLE EVERY DAY, WHITE MATERIAL, LET THE SUNSHINE IN).

"This is shrewd, distinctive filmmaking that challenges your own perceptions throughout." - Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News

"Human beings can be really complicated. And thankfully, there are filmmakers around like Claire Denis who make films such as Both Sides of the Blade to remind us of that complexity." - Josh Kupecki, Austin Chronicle

"Claire Denis and Juliette Binoche, who have now made three films together, are a match made in a gloriously idiosyncratic heaven." - Stephanie Zacharek, TIME Magazine

"I did really like it. Claire Denis has a way of telling these stories with a temperament that's both cruel and flaming." - Amy Nicholson, FilmWeek (KPCC - NPR Los Angeles)


"It’s one of the best movies of the year, if not the best. It’s simply too good to miss." - Alison Lanier, Pajiba

In this incredible film, Denis forces us to ask if romantic love is simply an idealization of human perfection. It’s a scary thought." - Chad Byrnes, LA Weekly/Village Voice

"No living director so evocatively photographs a tangle of limbs, or is as adept at capturing the electric charge of two people sharing a small physical space." - Sean Burns, The ARTery

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