Thollem/ACVilla: Worlds In A Life - A TOUR!

Sep 19
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Thollem & ACVilla - NOW! - 67m - ALL SEATS $10 FOR THE SPECIAL LIVE EVENT!

Worlds In A Life is a live multimedia performance pairing Thollem's keyboard inventions with projections of ACVilla's video vignettes. The result plays with our personal and collective consciousness through visual and sonic allegories, riddles and recontextualizations. The experience is simultaneously pleasurable (even ecstatic) and intellectually stimulating, facilitating greater awareness of our surroundings and deeper empathy toward our fellow humans and all other creatures. It is a dream machine built of short scenes that enable subconscious thoughts and hidden memories. Worlds In A Life is eternity filtered through two perpetually traveling artists at the center of a world on the edge.

The matinee will start with a short set of music with Thollem and a great local guest musician Rosie Hutchinson!

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