Aug 2 to Aug 5
Monday thru Thursday 6:15pm ONLY!

Shahad Ameen - 2021 - 75m - Saudi Arabia - In Arabic with English Subtitles - NO MATINEEES

Saudi Arabia's Official Submission for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards!

A visually stunning feminist parable set in a dystopian landscape. It follows the story of a strong-willed young girl, Hayat, whose poor fishing village is governed by a dark tradition: every family must give one daughter to the mermaid-like sea creatures who inhabit the waters, to ensure the village can continue their fishing expeditions.  When Hayat’s father refuses, the girl becomes a pariah, considered a curse by the village and urged to sacrifice herself - but Hayat has her owns plans for her destiny.

"A visually arresting feminist fable... a gorgeous sensory experience." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"In her feature debut, Saudi Arabian filmmaker Shahad Ameen has crafted a gorgeously shot, grim fairy tale with little dialogue but much to say about the plight of women in her country and around the world." - Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times

"With its glittering black-and-white cinematography, immersive sound design, eerie score and creepy reveal, the film taps into something primal and chilling..." - Alissa Simon, Variety

"A timeless magical realist fable with a contemporary feminist message." - Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter

"Unhurried feminist parable with a powerful message, dazzling visual appeal (in a stylized black-and-white) and interesting symbolism and surrealism." -Filipe Freitas, Always Good Movies

"Whether fans of genres or thoughtful, striking-looking cinema, viewers can debate actions, symbols, and what happened. But this debut feature won't be easily forgotten." - Nora Lee Mandel, Maven's Nest

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