Britt Marie Was Here - LAST DAY!

Nov 15 to Nov 18
Friday to Monday 4pm, 8:15

Tuva Novotny - 2019 - 94m - Sweden - In Swedish with English subtitles

Based on the bestselling novel by author Fredrik Backman (A Man Called Ove), this warmhearted comedy-drama finds Britt-Marie, age 63, suddenly reconsidering her purpose in life after she discovers her husband of 40 years has been cheating on her. Accepting a supremely unglamorous job at a ramshackle youth center in the backwater town of Borg, she reluctantly takes on the impossible task of coaching the children’s soccer team to victory. Despite having no experience and no resources, Britt-Marie is invigorated by the team's infectious energy and, for the first time maybe ever, allows herself to step out of her comfort zone—and into a potential romance with a charming local police officer. Anchored by an affecting performance from Swedish stalwart Pernilla August (Fanny and Alexander), this sophomore feature from actor turned director Tuva Novotny (Blind Spot) is both a tender and droll reminder that it's never too late for second chances.

"A lovely tale of reinvention from the writer of A Man Called Ove, featuring Swedish acting royalty Pernilla August." - James Verniere, Boston Herald

"[Backman] and director Tuva Novotny keep the characters astringent and his tone wry, so it never gets cuddly or cloying." - Nell Minow,

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