Not Made In New Mexico - A Jeff Berg Special!

Sep 22
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

various - Way back when t - 75m approx. - No Matinees!

Imposters! Movies "based" IN New Mexico, but not actually Made in New Mexico!

Set aside your Sunday afternoon for an entertaining view & chat with local film historian/journalist Jeff Berg as he returns to our cinema house for look over at movies related to New Mexico!

It is the prerogative of a movie director to make the setting of his or her film anywhere that they see fit. New Mexico itself has seen over 800 film and TV productions (an hour in length or longer) filmed in the state since 1897. 

During that time the state has 'starred' as Sudan, Wyoming, Russia, Illinois, Canada, and a host of other locations, especially Texas. But what about the 'fakers'? We'll watch clips from films taking place in New Mexico, but without anyone involved with the production ever setting foot in the state. Films will be chosen from a fairly long list of such pictures as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Rat Race, Truth or Consequences, NM, High Noon, Hondo, Them, Stalking Moon and a host of others. Learn about some of the things that lead filmmakers to locate their films where they are not, along with a bit of New Mexico's extensive film history and find out how Albuquerque's Sunport became a Russian military air field! 

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