May 18 to May 19
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Alejandro Amenabar - 2009 - 127m


Special speaker: Mark Fraser from March for Science ABQ is the Director of Science Café Films, and has taught Astronomy courses at CNM. He will speak for a few minutes before the film about Hypatia of Alexandria and her significance in the history of science, and give some comments about the film.

Alternating between cosmic splendor and human squalor, Agora is a movie of unusual ambition. In the last days of the Roman Empire, the Egyptian city of Alexandria is torn between the aristocratic pagan society and the emerging, rough-and-tumble Christians. As this broad cultural conflict teeters violently back and forth, the scientist-philosopher Hypatia (Rachel Weisz, The Brothers Bloom, The Fountain) struggles to resolve the motion of the planets with her belief in celestial perfection. Tangled in her life are three men: a Roman prefect (Oscar Isaac, Body of Lies), a Christian bishop (Rupert Evans, Hellboy), and a slave (Max Minghella, The Social Network) who turns to Christianity to escape his unrequited love for Hypatia. 

Its vivid depiction of one culture being brutally supplanted by another demonstrate a scope seldom found in contemporary film.

“Intelligent, stirring and, as the cultural devastation wrought by religious zealots plays out on screen, heartbreaking.” - Jason Best, Movie Talk

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