The Other Side of Hope - LAST DAY!

Dec 8 to Dec 10
Friday to Sunday 4pm, 6:15

Aki Kaurismaki - 2017 - 98m - Finland - In Finnish with English subtitles

This wry, melancholic comedy from Aki Kaurismäki, a clear-eyed response to the current refugee crisis, follows two people searching for a place to call home. Displaced Syrian Khaled (Sherwan Haji) lands in Helsinki as a stowaway; meanwhile, middle-aged salesman Wikström (Sakari Kuosmanen) leaves behind his wife and job and buys a conspicuously unprofitable seafood restaurant. After Khaled is denied asylum, he decides not to return to Aleppo—and the paths of the two men cross fortuitously. As deadpan as the best of the director’s work, and with a deep well of empathy for its down-but-not-out characters (many of them played by members of Kaurismäki's ever-reliable stock company), The Other Side of Hope is a bittersweet tale of human kindness in the face of official indifference.

“While Kaurismaki's deadpan sense of humor remains, his humanist side feels more prominent than ever before.” - Brian Tallerico,

“A deeply humane film, as well as a quietly hilarious one.” - Dave Calhoun, Time Out

“This is a world that reeks of cigarette smoke and cheap vodka, yet as always in the work of Finland's maestro of droll melancholy, the perfume that lingers longest is empathy.” - David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

“A comically dark look at countries handling and views of Syrian Refugees.” - Stephanie Archer, Film Inquiry

“A marvellously understated take on Europe's migrant crisis, with two men searching for safe harbours in their lives.” - Brian Gibson, Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)

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