Accidental Anarchist - LAST DAY!

Nov 18 to Nov 19
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

John Archer & Clara Glynn - 2017 - 87m - No Matinees

Ex-diplomat Carne Ross: the case for anarchism!  How a high-flying diplomat and Middle East adviser lost his faith in western democracy – but put his trust in people power!

Carne Ross was a government highflyer. A career diplomat who believed Western Democracy could save us all. But working inside the system he came to see its failures, deceits and ulterior motives. He felt at first hand the corruption of power. After the Iraq war Carne became disillusioned, quit his job and started searching for answers. This film traces his journey across the globe as he tries to find an answer to the question so many people today are asking themselves – isn’t there a better way? For Carne there is. Anarchism offers a solution to the brutalities of Capitalism and the dishonesties of Democracy. It offers a world where people have control over their own lives. From the protesters of Occupy Wall Street, to an anarchist collective in Spain, to Noam Chomsky, the grand old man of anarchism himself, Carne finds people who are putting the theory into practice. His journey eventually takes him to one of the most dangerous places on earth – Syria, eight kilometers from the front line with Isis, where a remarkable anarchist state has risen phoenix like from the flames. 

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