Nise: The Heart of Madness - LAST DAY!

Jun 23 to Jun 26
Friday to Monday 6pm ONLY!

Roberto Berliner - 2017 - 109m - Brazil - In Portuguese with English subtitles - No Matinees

In 1940s Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Nise da Silveira - Brazilian actress Gloria Pires In a bravura performance - is one of the first women in the country to ever study medicine. She starts work in a psychiatric hospital where she refuses to employ the new and violent electroshock treatments for schizophrenics. Ridiculed by other doctors, she is exiled to the nearly abandoned occupational therapy unit, where Instead she starts a revolution through paints, dogs and love. Based on a true story, Nise: The Heart of Madness (Nise: O Coração da Loucura) vividly shows the pioneering work that led to the liberation of patients given the freedom to express themselves, and their paintings that become art world sensations. The great Carl Jung in real life became an admirer of Nise, and said she had turned her hospital into a place that was inhabited by people who "weren't afraid of the unconscious."

"Elegantly combining a triumph-over-adversity yarn with a sensitive exploration of the redemptive power of artistic creation." - The Hollywood Reporter

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