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Genesis 2.0

Jan 24 to Jan 28
Thursday to Monday 5:45pm ONLY!

Dir. Christian Frei and Maxim Arbugaev. - 2018 - 112m - Switzerland / China / Russia / South Korea / USA - In Russian & English with English subtitles when necessary - No Matinees


The film observes the harsh and dangerous life of so-called mammoth hunters on the remote New Siberian Islands in the far north of Siberia. The archaic landscape in which these people are looking for the tusks of extinct mammoths looks like primordial earth. There is a kind of gold rush fever in the air, because the prices for this white gold have never been so high. But the thawing permafrost unveils more than just precious ivory. Sometimes the hunters find an almost completely preserved mammoth carcass with fur, liquid blood and muscle tissue on which arctic foxes gnaw.

Such finds are magnets for high-tech Russian and South Korean clone researchers in search of mammoth cells with the greatest possible degree of intact DNA. Their mission could be part of a science-fiction plot. They want to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life à la “Jurassic Park”, and resurrect it as a species. And that’s just the beginning. Worldwide, biologists are working on re-inventing life. They want to learn the language of nature and create life following the Lego principle¹². The goal of synthetic biology is to produce complete artificial biological systems. Man becomes the Creator.

The resurrection of the mammoth is a first track and manifestation of this next great technological revolution. An exercise. A multi-million dollar game. The new technology may well turn the world as we know it completely on its head…and all of this has its origin in the unstoppably thawing permafrost at the extreme edge of Siberia.

“The woolly mammoth tusk is just the tip of the iceberg in this haunting excavation.” - Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

“…refuses to reduce its complexities down to a snappy conclusion, preferring instead to present its observations and let us do the work for ourselves.” - Travis Johnson, FILMINK (Australia)

“The footage is beautifully shot ... The New Siberian Islands, with their stark landscapes and almost unearthly rock formations, are a character unto themselves.” - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

“Rewarding for the incredible, historic events captured within.” - Nick Allen,

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What is Democracy?

Jan 24 to Jan 28
Thursday to Monday 3:30, 8:15

Dir. Astra Taylor - 2018 - 107m

From the director of Zizek! and Examined Life!

Coming at a moment of profound political and social crisis, What Is Democracy? reflects on a word we too often take for granted.

Director Astra Taylor’s idiosyncratic, philosophical journey spans millennia and continents: from ancient Athens’ groundbreaking experiment in self-government to capitalism’s roots in medieval Italy; from modern-day Greece grappling with financial collapse and a mounting refugee crisis to the United States reckoning with its racist past and the growing gap between rich and poor.

Featuring a diverse cast—including celebrated theorists, trauma surgeons, activists, factory workers, asylum seekers, and former prime ministers—this urgent film connects the past and the present, the emotional and the intellectual, the personal and the political, in order to provoke and inspire. If we want to live in democracy, we must first ask what the word even means.

“Incisive.” - Ken Eisner, Georgia Straight

“It's a fascinating and enlightening treatise.” - Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

“A call to arms, but it is also a powerful and piercing reminder that, as Plato said, "nothing beautiful without struggle." - Dorothy Woodend, The Tyee (British Columbia)

“An extended and good-looking essay, it serves as a sharp reminder to pay attention to politics and to remember that the personal and the local are political.” - Charlie Phillips, Guardian

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SURFER: Teen Confronts Fear

Jan 25 to Jan 26
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Douglas Burke - 2018 - 90m - An ALBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation - $8 general / $6 students

“There is no excuse for “Surfer” - Variety


Surfing since as young as he can remember, at the age of 13, Sage is crippled by fear after suffering a wipeout on a huge wave. The wave slammed him to the bottom and held him pinned there without air until he nearly died.

With his whole life still ahead of him yet now paralyzed by fear, Sage no longer surfs the waves. But unable to ignore the mystical and powerful pull of the ocean, he fishes in the surf, and finds more than he bargained for.

This is the story of a teenager who confronts fear . . .

“A surreal meditation on faith and surfing, with the writer/director/producer also starring as a ghost made of squid ink… a fascinatingly absurd drama.” - Vice Magazine

“I can’t speak any higher than Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear than to say I am convinced that nobody on Earth could have made it except Doug Burke. It comes as a sort of anti-surprise that Burke wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and scored the film: the film feels like a glimpse into the man’s brain that’s more devastatingly insightful than he probably intended. Material this weird can’t be made up: it has to flow through one’s soul. Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear is rich with idiosyncratic intent and utterly bankrupt in self-awareness. And there’s no finer Incredibly Strange qualification in the world than that.” - Andrew Todd, Slash Film

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NM Women In Film's PSA Screening with Enlace Comunitario!

Jan 26
Saturday 1pm ONLY!

2019 - 120m total - Tickets are FREE for members, and $10 for non-members. Tickets are available at the door

Please join New Mexico Women in Film in conjunction with New  Mexico Girls Make Movies and Central New Mexico College for our 2018 PSA  screening!

This year’s PSA was produced by NMWIF for Enlace  Comunitario, an organization led by Latina immigrants whose mission is  to transform lives by working to decrease gender inequity and intimate  partner violence. The program will  also include a short film from  Healing Voices - Personal Stories, a production company that aims to  raise public awareness of women striving to overcome abuse.

NM Women In Film's PSA Screening with Enlace Comunitario! poster

Cemetery Without Crosses - Our Spaghetti Westerns Ride Again!

Jan 27
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Robert Hossein - 1969 - 90m - Italy - In Italian with English Subtitles



Inspired by the international success of the Dollars trilogy, and dedicated to director Sergio Leone, Cemetery Without Crosses offers a Gallic spin on the Spaghetti Western formula thanks to its star and creator, Robert Hossein (best-known to English-speaking audiences for his role in Jules Dassin's Rififi).

After her husband is lynched by bandits, Michele Mercier (Mario Bava's Black Sabbath) seeks revenge and turns to an old friend, played by Hossein, for help. A solitary figure who lives in a ghost town and dons a single black glove before each gunfight, Hossein is initially reluctant but soon infiltrates the widow's enemies to force a showdown.

Cemetery Without Crosses is a darker breed of Western, bleak and melancholy in tone amid the explosive set pieces. It also boasts an outstanding score by composer Andre Hossein (father of Robert) and the catchiest of themes, sung by cult figure Scott Walker.

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Hal - the new Hal Ashby documentary!

Jan 29 to Jan 30
Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30, 5:30

Dir. Amy Scott - 2018 - 90m

Although Hal Ashby directed a remarkable string of acclaimed, widely admired classics throughout the 1970s—HAROLD AND MAUDE, THE LAST DETAIL, SHAMPOO, COMING HOME, BEING THERE—he is often overlooked amid the crowd of luminaries from his generation. Amy Scott’s exuberant portrait explores that curious oversight, using rare archival materials, interviews, personal letters, and audio recordings to reveal a passionate, obsessive artist. Ashby was a Hollywood director who constantly clashed with Hollywood, but also a unique soul with an unprecedented insight into the human condition and an unmatched capacity for good. His films were an elusive blend of honesty, irreverence, humor, and humanity. Through the heartrending and inspiring HAL, you feel buoyed by Ashby’s love of people and of cinema, a little like walking on water.

“One of the comparatively unsung luminaries of 1970s American cinema receives a very fine tribute in HAL, an in-depth look at director Hal Ashby. A most welcome reassessment of one of the most important figures in 1970s Hollywood.” - Todd McCarthy, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Sheds new light on a master filmmaker who occupies a place in the pantheon alongside Coppola, Scorsese, De Palma, and Spielberg.” - Jeremy Smith, BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH

“A loving tribute to a filmmaker who doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition and respect he deserves. Former collaborators and actors gush over his generosity and dedication to the craft. His unfiltered and uncompromising vision arguably produced the clearest, most lucid depiction of the tumultuous ’70s.” - J.R. Kinnard, NONFICS

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The Advocates

Jan 29 to Jan 30
Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Remi Kessler - 2018 - 87m - No Matinees

Over half a million people are homeless in the United States - 25% of whom are in California.

Amid public outcry over the ballooning homeless population in Los Angeles--nearly 54,000 people on any given night--three advocates with three different organizations show what the lost ideal of “care in the community” looks like amid a changing policy landscape.

Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L. A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing. It goes behind the headlines with pragmatic stories of the transformative work that is possible when the right resources, funding, and compassion are applied.

Featuring advocates Claudia Perez, Rudy Salinas, and Mel Tillekeratne, and the organizational work of LA on Cloud9, Housing Works, and Monday Night Mission with experts including: Celina Alvarez (Executive Director, Housing Works), Gary Blasi (UCLA, Professor of Law Emeritus), Jerry Jones (Inner City Law Center), Mary Kirchen (Founder, Housing Works), Steve Lopez (Columnist, LA Times), Alisa Orduna (Homeless Policy Director, Mayor Garcetti’s Office), Mark Ridley-Thomas (LA County Supervisor 2nd District), David Ryu (LA City Councilmember CD4), and Paul Tepper (Western Center on Law & Poverty).

“A deep, intersectional look at the socioeconomic factors behind our city’s homeless crisis.” - Marialexa Kavanaugh, LAist

“A powerful look at the unsung heroes who are out on the streets of Los Angeles at all hours.” - Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

“Has real impact!” - Larry Mantle, KPCC Film Week

“This candid look at the homeless problem in LA could start a new movie movement.” - Jason Coleman, Why So Blu

“The power of The Advocates isn’t so much in its depiction of a truly monumental problem, but in its depiction of a solution.” - Anthony Garcia Taormina, The Film Era Read More

"An ode to those who do everything they can to find housing for the homeless, as well as a primer on Los Angeles County’s tumultuous housing history and the origins of its homeless crisis." - Brian Marks, The Argonaut

"Your job is like Groundhog day: It's doing the same thing everyday, it may not change or get better, but you have to do it." - Conor Holt, One Week Only 

"What the film does leave viewers with is a sense of renewed appreciation for its namesake: the advocates who are working day in and day out to keep fighting for the individuals against all odds. Their tenacity is courageous and worthy of being championed. “...this film can simply remind us all to be more compassionate to our neighbors who do not share the privilege of housing security, and take extra steps toward supporting our community." - H. Nelson Tracey, Cinemacy

"The Advocates is certainly well-meaning and does shed a lot of light on the human toll of our “urban refugees…The Advocates takes an insider look at a compelling crisis that seems to be mushrooming across Los Angeles far beyond the confines of Skid Row: Homelessness." - Ed Rampell, People’s World

"This compelling documentary...eloquently reports on the structural reasons that have led many of them to end up in the streets, such as the brutal increases in rent prices as a result of gentrification." - Sergio Burstein, LAFF Read More

"Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates, provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L.A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing" - Chris Maynard, Following Films Read More

"The Advocates seeks to highlight the hard work of those who tirelessly lend a helping hand to Los Angeles’ homeless." - Pierce Singgih, Film School Rejects

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Dan Savage's HUMP! FILM FESTIVAL 2019 !!

Jan 31 to Feb 2
Thursday 7pm only / Friday and Saturday 7pm, 9pm

Dir. various - 2019 - 90m approx - MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER - ALL SEATS $18 IN ADVANCE / $20 AT THE DOOR


The 14th Annual HUMP! Film Festival has concluded for 2018. HUMP! will now hit the road in 2019 and screen to over 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada.


About HUMP!

The HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing audiences a new kind of porn since 2005. The festival features short dirty movies—each less than five minutes—all created by people who aren’t porn stars but want to be one for a weekend. The filmmakers and stars show us what they think is hot and sexy, creative and kinky, their ultimate turn-ons and their craziest fantasies. Our carefully curated program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes—all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. HUMP! is a celebration of creative sexual expression. You will see films at HUMP! that shock you. You will see films at HUMP! that make you laugh. And you will see films at HUMP! that turn you on. You will also be touched by the sincerity and vulnerability with which these films are lovingly made. HUMP!’s main mission is to change the way America sees—and makes and shares—porn.

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Stop! Look! Listen! Geniuses at Play: BILL IRWIN!

Feb 2 to Feb 3
Saturday and Sunday 1pm

Dir. Bill Irwin - varies - 90m approx - All Seats just $5

An ABQ FILM CLUB / AMERICAN VAUDEVILLE MUSEUM special!  The first in their NEW VAUDEVILLIAN series that we'll be hosting!

Bill Irwin in his production of The Regard of Flight - A hilarious and joyous mashñup of pretentious theatre, physical comedy and every actorís nightmare!

Bill Irwin is the most versatile and honored New Vaudevillian. He was the first performer ever awarded a five-year MacArthur ëGeniusí Grant; he won Best Actor Tony for Whoís Afraid of Virginia Woolf; a second Tony for Fool Mooní; numerous Drama Desk and Obie awards; two National Endowment Arts Choreography Fellowships (1981 and 1983); and a Guggenheim Fellowship; Bill began as a dancer at Oberlin College, was a founding member of both Herbert Blauís avant garde Kraken Theatre Company and The Pickle Family Circus.

You know him as Mr Noodle on Sesame Street and as a regular on TVs Legion, Law and Order, Northern Exposure, CSI, among other series; plus dozens of movies and theatre pieces. But it was as the hapless and harried performer in The Regard of Flight, which Bill created on Broadway in 1983, that many critics began to compare Irwin to Chaplin and Keaton.

**Bill Irwin gave Frank Cullen and the Guild Cinema special permission to screen a film of this production!  THANKS BILL !

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Stop! Look! Listen! Geniuses at Play:  BILL IRWIN! poster

The Unruly Mystic: John Muir

Feb 2
Saturday 3:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Michael Conti - 2018 - 100m total - All Seats $10

Director Michael M. Conti will be in attendance for a short Q & A after the film, and will be joined by producer Heather Boyle!  Advance tickets available by clicking here!


An inspirational new documentary that explores the remarkable life and influential works of a patron saint of environmental activism. The film discusses the connection nature and spirituality, using the life and wisdom of John Muir, ecological preservationist and founder of Yosemite National Park, as a catalyst for how being outside in nature affects the lives of everyday people right now. John Muir played many roles in his life: mystic, prophet, author, poet, conservationist, radical, all of which helped him succeed in his role as an advocate for Nature.  As America’s most famous naturalist and conservationist, Muir fought to protect the wild places he loved, places we can still visit today. Muir’s writings have profoundly shaped the ways in which we understand and envision our relationship with the natural world today, and his work has become a personal guide into the natural world for countless individuals. The film interviews noted psychiatrists, therapists, theologians, writers, and every day people and asks them to discuss their relationship with nature, and its transformative effect in their lives.

About Crazy Wisdom Films (CWF): Every generation when finding its own voice also rediscovers the teachers, mystics, geniuses, misfits, rebels, troublemakers from the past.  CWF strives to celebrate those previous unruly mystics who stood strong, brave, open and everlasting awake, and who continue to inspire and challenge the status quo. Each film is crafted to be appealing to a multi-generational audience, from the twenty something-spiritual seekers to the gray-haired elders who seek a deeper wisdom on the subject.  The films are a reminder of the common good and universal connection that we all have to the earth and to spirit, and that connection that those are stronger and deeper than merely one nation, religion, race, class or gender. The first film in the series is The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard.

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The Unruly Mystic: John Muir poster

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Feb 3 to Feb 7
Sunday to Thursday 4:45, 8:30

Dir. RaMell Ross - 2018 - 76m


An inspired and intimate portrait of a place and its people, Hale County This Morning, This Evening looks at the lives of Daniel Collins and Quincy Bryant, two young African American men from rural Hale County, Alabama, over the course of five years. Collins attends college in search of opportunity while Bryant becomes a father to an energetic son in an open-ended, poetic form that privileges the patiently observed interstices of their lives. The audience is invited to experience the mundane and monumental, birth and death, the quotidian and the sublime. These moments combine to communicate the region’s deep culture and provide glimpses of the complex ways the African American community’s collective image is integrated into America’s visual imagination. 

In his directorial debut, award-winning photographer and director RaMell Ross offers a refreshingly direct approach to documentary that fills in the gaps between individual black male icons. Hale County This Morning, This Evening allows the viewer an emotive impression of the Historic South, trumpeting the beauty of life and consequences of the social construction of race, while simultaneously offering a testament to dreaming despite the odds. 

"Pure cinematic poetry... poses a quietly radical challenge to assumptions about race, class and the aesthetics of filmmaking." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times 

"It’s not every day that you witness a new cinematic language being born... Hale County traverses years, encompasses tragedy and beauty, all in just 76 minutes." - Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice 

"Void of the traditional struggle on which documentaries about the black experience often center, Hale County ruptures conventional—and often stereotypical—depictions of black people to create an experience that is simple, complex and revelatory." - Tre’vell Anderson, The Los Angeles Times  

"Visual poetry." - Keith Uhlich, The Hollywood Reporter 

"One of the best documentaries of 2018... It must be seen on the big screen... Hale County This Morning, This Evening emerges sweeping and grand, an elusive, awesome American fable." - Andy Crump, Paste Magazine 

"Hale County This Morning, This Evening is a major work, and a richly rewarding one... the sort of film for which the word 'lyrical' was invented." — Alissa Wilkinson, Vox 

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Hale County This Morning, This Evening poster

TvTv: The Video Revolutionaries

Feb 3 to Feb 7
Sunday to Thursday 6:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Paul Goldsmith - 2018 - 82m - No Matinees

Featuring Bill Murray, Hunter Thompson, Steven Spielberg, Lynn Swan, Goldie Hawn, Abbie Hoffman, Lily Tomlin and more, "TVTV: Video Revolutionaries" is a new documentary about Top Value Television (TVTV), a band of merry video makers who, from 1972 to 1977, took the then brand-new portable video camera and went out to document the world.

In those days, there were only three TV networks, using giant studio cameras, and no one had ever seen a portable camera stuck in their face. Because the technology was so new, there were no rules about how to use it or what to make. So the new video journalists used it to make format-bending satirical shows about whatever interested them -- from the 1972 Republican Convention to an expose of a 15-year-old guru called "Lord of the Universe" to capturing the Steelers and Cowboys partying hard the night before the Super Bowl.

Directed by TVTV alum Paul Goldsmith, the film is like opening a treasure chest into the 1970s, filled with cultural and political events hosted by now-famous characters who were then just beginning their climb to iconic.

"It's brilliant. Truly. It's VICE before VICE, reality TV before reality TV, sketch comedy before sketch comedy, 30 FOR 30 before 30 FOR 30." - Luke Kelly-Clyne, SHOWRUNNER

"The anecdotes are fun, but the real value here is the copious footage of TVTV productions, as immediate and provocative as ever." - LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Wonderful, lively... wisely less weighty than it is a fun, informative look back on a time of a halcyon future. As director Paul Goldsmith, a veteran of that loose collective , guides us in this fascinating documentary, we get a ground's-eye view of images as historically startling and significant as those of the earliest photographs and films." - FILM JOURNAL

"A kind of mix of Vice, SCTV, the Yes Men, Sacha Baron Cohen, and SNL's 'Weekend Update' - Bill Murray, John Belushi, Harold Ramis, and Christopher Guest all did stints with them - TVTV turned their cameras on the media itself, as well as on themselves, decades ahead of reality television and social media." - THIS WEEK IN NEW YORK

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TvTv:  The Video Revolutionaries poster

2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films!

Feb 8 to Feb 17
Friday to the following Sunday

Dir. Various - 2019 - varies

It's that time of year again - Academy Award nominated shorts from around the planet:  LIVE ACTION, ANIMATION and DOCUMENTARY!  

For the 14th consecutive year, Shorts HD and Magnolia Pictures present the Oscar-Nominated Short Films, opening on Feb. 8th. With all three categories offered – Animated, Live Action and Documentary – this is your annual chance to predict the winners (and have the edge in your Oscar pool)! A perennial hit with audiences around the country and the world, don’t miss this year’s selection of shorts. The Academy Awards take place Sunday, Feb. 24th.  


ANIMATION SHORTS = February 8 to 11

DOCUMENTARY SHORTS = February 12 to 14

LIVE ACTION SHORTS = February 15 to 17

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2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films! poster

The Running Man - it's 2019, time to roll it!

Feb 8 to Feb 9
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Paul Michael Glaser - 1987 - 101m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special - $8 general / $6 students with ids

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Ben Richards, a cop in the totalitarian America of 2019, framed for massacring rioting civilians during a famine. After escaping from jail, Richards tries to prove his innocence, but his efforts are thwarted at every turn by a regime in need of a scapegoat. Richards is captured along with an innocent civilian, Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso), and they are forced to participate in a violent game show called "The Running Man," hosted by the unctuous Damon Killian (Richard Dawson). The object of the game for Richards and Mendez: obtain freedom by staying alive against a gauntlet of skillful assassins like "Subzero" (Prof. Toru Tanaka) and "Captain Freedom" (Jesse Ventura), each armed with unique weapons like razor-sharp hockey sticks and chainsaws. With the help of some fellow "contestants," Richards is able to tap into government computers and prove his innocence. The Running Man was very loosely based on a short story by Stephen King, who wrote it under the name Richard Bachman.

“An arcade-game romp done with flair.” - Film4

"Holds up a shocking reflection of where we actually stand as a society” - Felix Vasquez Jr.

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The Running Man - it's 2019, time to roll it! poster

Bag It - Is Your Life Too Plastic?

Feb 9
Saturday 1pm

Dir. Suzan Beraza - 2011 - 79m - FREE BUT SEATING IS LIMITED



In the United States alone, an estimated 12 million barrels of oil is used annually to make the plastic bags that Americans consume. The United States International Trade Commission reported that 102 billion plastic bags were used in the U.S. in 2009. These bags, even when properly disposed of, are easily windblown and often wind up in waterways or on the landscape, becoming eyesores and degrading soil and water quality as they break down into toxic bits. Their manufacture, transportation and disposal require large quantities of non-renewable resources and release equally large amounts of global-warming gases.

Governments around the world have taken action to ban or restrict the use of plastic bags. In 2008, China banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, and it is estimated to have eliminated 40 billion bags in the first year. Ireland placed a fee on plastic bags and reportedly reduced consumption by 90%.

Towns all over the United States are rising to the challenge and standing up to the oil, gas and plastic industries. San Francisco has banned plastic bags. Seattle has fought a hard fight to place a fee on single-use disposable plastic AND paper bags, only to be shut down by the American Chemistry Council, a group that profits greatly from the production of plastic bags. Recently, Seattle successfully passed an ordinance that would ban plastic bags and place a small charge on paper bags.

The plastic industry and their lobbying groups spend millions annually to combat anti-plastic bag campaigns across the country. In spite of this challenge, U.S. cities including Austin, Boston, New Haven, Phoenix and Annapolis are considering bag bans or fees. In the past year, a number of cities passed plastic bag bans including Aspen and Basalt, CO, Portland, OR, San Jose, CA, and Santa Clara and Marin Counties in CA.

“Enlightening docu about saving the planet from plastics.” - Renee Schonfeld, Common Sense Media

“Humble documentary makes a non-biodegradable impression.” - Marty Mapes, Movie Habit

“A pretty interesting journey from one man's point of view.” - Stephan Boissonneault, Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Alberta)

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Bag It - Is Your Life Too Plastic? poster

Legend (1985) - the Ridley Scott Classic!

Feb 10
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Ridley Scott - 1985 - 113m - All Seats $8


A visually striking sword and sorcery saga that mixes ample doses of J.R.R. Tolkien, Thomas Mallory, George Lucas, Joseph Campbell and Dungeons and Dragons!  Many years ago, the Earth was an idyllic land of unicorns and bright sunshine. But the forces of light become embroiled are in mortal battle with the forces of darkness --specifically the evil Prince of Darkness (Tim Curry), who lives in dark caverns below the Earth's surface and has nefarious plans to blot out the light of the sun and rule in a perpetual dark shroud of gloom and shadows forever. Into the breach comes peasant hero Jack (Tom Cruise), who sets up to defeat Darkness and let the sun shine through. He meets a young woman named Lili (Mia Sara) and they fall in love. But Lili is lured into the netherworld by a sultry priestess and has become evil herself. Jack sets his sights on the forces of evil and determines to defeat Darkness and save Lili!

"Perhaps ahead of its time … a fascinating film." - James Kendrick, Q Network Film Desk

"A remarkable and bleak fantasy thriller for folks that like their fantasy based on thick characterization and less humongous battles." - Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed

"Legend is a Gothic fairy tale brought to life." - Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine

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Legend (1985) - the Ridley Scott Classic! poster

FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

Feb 16
Saturday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Tom Piper - 2018 - 75m - No Matinees



Revolutionary landscape designer Piet Oudolf is known for designing public works like New York City’s popular High Line and Chicago’s Millennium Park that redefine our conception of gardens as works of art in themselves. This gorgeous, meditative documentary immerses viewers in his work, taking us inside Oudolf’s creative process. From his aesthetic theories to his strikingly abstract sketches to the ecological implications of his ideas, the film poetically reveals how Oudolf upends conventional notions of nature, public space, and, ultimately, beauty itself.

"Gorgeous." -  Village Voice

"Makes lovely visual music." - Chicago Tribune

"Reveals gardens you'd look forward to getting lost in." - Los Angeles Times

"Ethereal." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Anyone who relishes time in a garden will understand and cherish." - East Bay Time

"Delightful." - SF WEEKLY

"Those with a green thumb will be delighted to discover new ways to think about their gardens." - Santa Fe New Mexican

"Mesmerizing." - Los Angeles Times

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FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf poster

Young Lakota - Special Anniversary Screening!

Feb 17
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt - 2012 - 83m - Suggested donation of $9 but no one turned away for lack of funds!

AN INDIGENOUS WOMEN RISING SPECIAL!  Proceeds will go to the Indigenous Women Rising Abortion Fund

The Pine Ridge Reservation is no stranger to strife and heartbreak, stark realities and inspired idealism. In Young Lakota, we are brought directly into the emotional and often uncertain journey of Sunny Clifford, her twin sister Serena, and their politically ambitious friend Brandon Ferguson, who all share the compelling desire to make a difference for themselves and their community. Their political awakening begins when Cecelia Fire Thunder, the first female president of their tribe, defies a proposed South Dakota law criminalizing all abortion by threatening to build a women’s clinic on the sovereign territory of the reservation. Sunny, just back on the reservation after two years in college, Serena, unwed and with a toddler, and Brendan with two little boys, find themselves immersed in this political battle as they struggle between opportunity and principle; between selling out or staying the course through twists and turns that they could not have anticipated. 

This is a uniquely sensitive portrayal of bright young people finding their way, as the film follows the surprising highs and lows of the statewide referendum on abortion and a divisive tribal election. Young Lakota tells the tale of the diverging paths Brandon and Sunny begin to take. Ultimately it is the complex interplay of personal choice, cultural, economic and political circumstance that defines who they are and what kind of adults they are becoming. Beyond the divisiveness and turmoil, the stark disappointments and heady triumphs, Sunny’s courage and Cecelia Fire Thunder’s wisdom gives Young Lakota a sense of enduring possibility and of life being lived deeply that will resonate with any audience.

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Young Lakota - Special Anniversary Screening! poster

The World Before Your Feet

Feb 18 to Feb 21
Monday to Thursday 5:45pm ONLY!

Dir. Jeremy Workman - 2018 - 95m - No Matinees

There are 8,000 miles of roads and paths in New York City and for the past six years Matt Green has been walking them all – every street, park, cemetery, beach, and bridge. It's a five-borough journey that stretches from the barbershops of the Bronx to the forests of Staten Island, from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, with Matt amassing a surprisingly detailed knowledge of New York's history and people along the way.

Something of a modern-day Thoreau, Matt gave up his former engineering job, his apartment, and most of his possessions, sustaining his endeavor through couch-surfing, cat-sitting and a $15-per-day budget. He’s not sure exactly why he’s doing it, only knowing that there’s no other way he’d rather spend his days.  Executive produced by Oscar® nominee Jesse Eisenberg, The World Before Your Feet is a tribute to an endlessly fascinating city and the freedom to be found, wherever you live, in simply taking a walk.

"Showcases sides of the city you rarely see in movies and that make it such a strange and fascinating place." - The New York Times

"Endearing... A gotham-set charmer about the pleasures of wandering." - The Hollywood Reporter

“A gentle city symphony that provides a love letter to the five boroughs.” - The Film Stage

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The World Before Your Feet poster

Zen For Nothing

Feb 18 to Feb 21
Monday to Thursday 3:30, 8pm

Dir. Werner Penzel - 2016 - 100m - Germany / Japan - In German & Japanese with English subtitles

Provocatively titled, this film is a masterly immersion into life at a Japanese Zen monastery over three seasons. Swiss novice Sabine arrives at Antaiji and, after a brief welcome, she begins to learn the monastery rules: how to bow, sit in the meditation hall, carry out movements with chopsticks, etc. There’s more to life there than meditation, farming, and maintenance, however—there are picnics, music, and Wi-Fi. And after the last snow has melted away, the nuns and monks travel to Osaka, where they recite sutras in front of subway entrances as they solicit offerings in their traditional monk’s robes. Quotes from renowned early twentieth-century Antaiji abbot Koda Sawaki are interjected throughout. Simple and beautifully filmed, this is Into Great Silence meets Enlightenment Guaranteed, with composer Fred Frith performing the eclectic, elegant score. –Freer Gallery of Art

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Zen For Nothing poster

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church

Feb 22 to Feb 24
Friday to Sunday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. John McDermott - 2015 - 90m - No Matinees

The story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s involvement as the headliner of the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival, then hailed as the ‘Southern Woodstock'.

Jimi Hendrix was the critical component he needed to elevate the three day festival to a major cultural event.  Electric Church features interviews with Hendrix’s Experience band mates Billy Cox and the late Mitch Mitchell as well as Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, Rich Robinson, Kirk Hammett, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, and many others.

Paul McCartney freely admits to worshipping him, adding, “We all played guitar. We all knew a bit. But he seemed to know more than us.” 

His performance at the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival was not only significant on a musical level, but also in terms of socio-political dynamics. It was assumed that rural audiences would not take kindly to “long-hair” bands, and that black and white artists could not comfortably exist on the same bill; Atlanta Pop set out to challenge those beliefs. Hendrix’s music and message of universal love made him the ideal artist and, appropriately, was the first act booked for the festival.

“There must be a hundred albums of concerts and studio outtakes. That doesn't make this set any less powerful, and it has the added poignance of being his last major show before his death just 10 weeks later.” - David Hinckley, New York Daily News

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Mega Time Squad

Feb 22 to Feb 23
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Tim van Dammen - 2018 - 86m - New Zealand - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special! $8 general / $5 students with ids


Fantasia 2018 Premiere. NZ sci-fi comedy about a petty crook looking to make a name for himself who happens upon an ancient Chinese amulet that allows him to travel 2 minutes back in time. One (of several) catches being that every time he does so, he creates a duplicate of himself. Throwing all time-space continuum caution to the wind, he starts using the amulet’s powers recklessly, creating a small army of duplicates which he dubs the ‘Mega Time Squad’, but each one’s just as tragically dim as the original. Soon he finds himself up against his criminal boss (Jonny Brugh, What We Do in the Shadows), his own traitorous clones, and an ancient demon all while he’s just trying to find his courage and get the girl. A screener is available if you’d like to take a look.


"Fast-paced, determinedly silly, with sharp slangy dialogue and funny situations, the film hits just the right absurdist notes" - VARIETY

“There aren't many people making comedies with this kind of razor-sharp filmmaking craft and built in repeat watchability!" - screen anarchy

“A grounded sci-fi mini-odyssey with lots of creativity and even more laugh-out-loud gags" -

"Destined for cult status" - NZ HERALD

“Hilarious" - reel news daily

“A time-travelling, multiple-personality blast" - sci-fi now

“As big a heart as you could ever want from a NZ film" - darren's world of entertainment

“Will likely become a cult favourite that fans return to again and again" - bad feeling magazine

“Dry, deadpan wit." - e-film critic

"* * * * *" - voices from the balcony

“An hilarious romp" - chicago independent film critics circle

“Extremely clever and very funny" - HORRORBUZZ

“A perfect offering for genre fans" - SPOLIERTV

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Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

Feb 22 to Feb 24
Friday to Sunday 4pm, 8pm

Dir. Abner Benaim - 2018 - 84m

Also featuring Paul Simon, Sting, Presidente, Gilberto Santa Rosa. A SXSW Audience Award Winner!

International salsa star Rubén Blades is a notoriously private figure often referred to as the Bob Dylan of Latin America for his political acumen, novelist's eye and humanist's heart. In this intimate and vibrant portrait, acclaimed director Abner Benaim takes us on a journey through Blades 50-year career that has included 17 Grammy Awards, acting recogniton in the likes of The Walking Dead, as well as a Presidential run in his native Panama. Despite a massive global following and a remarkable legacy, Blades keeps the beat and shows no signs of slowing down.

"A celebration of Blades the Musician. His talent and contribution to the genre of salsa cannot be underestimated, and seeing him comfortable on stage, belting out hits like the eternal Pedro Navaja or Patria is great, toe-tapping fun even if you’re not a fan of salsa music. The man’s a born entertainer” - Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Screenanarchy

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Feb 23 to Feb 24
Saturday and Sunday 1pm

Dir. Damiano Damiani - 1967 - 118m - Italian - In Italian with English subtitles - No Matinees

At the height of the Mexican revolution, a mysterious young American (Lou Castel of FIST IN HIS POCKET) joins a gang of marauders led by El Chucho (Gian Maria Volonte of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS) on a series of savage raids to steal guns for a powerful rebel general. But when the Gringo brings his own cold-blooded ideals to the bandits, El Chucho discovers that the real weapons of war belong to no army. In a land ravaged by poverty and violence, can true freedom be bought with a single bullet?

Klaus Kinski (FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE) and Martine Beswick (THUNDERBALL) co-star in this legendary western directed by Damiano Damiani (AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION) from a powerful screenplay co-written by Oscar-nominee Franco Solinas (THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS, THE BIG GUNDOWN). Also known as QUIEN SABE?, this thrilling epic features some of the most surprising performances, radical politics and shocking violence of any 'Spaghetti Western' ever made.

'One Of The Greatest Spaghetti Westerns Ever Made!' --Spaghetti Cinema

'Ranks Alongside Leone's ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST And Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH!' --DVD Drive-In

'A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL Has One Of The Best First 20 Minutes In Film History!' --Movie Feast

“Damiano Damiani directs it like a twenties gangster picture in the sun-baked desert and white-dust hills of the cutthroat west, where life is cheap, loyalty is rare, and rival gangs constantly battle for guns and contraband.” - Sean Axmaker,

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A Bullet For The General - SPAGHETTI WESTERNS KEEP A' COMIN' ! poster