Alibi Midnight Movie

Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years

Nov 27 to Nov 28
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Penelope Spheeris - 1988 - 93m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! $8 general / $6 students with i.d.s


From the Director of DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION and SUBURBIA comes the ultimate film about the world of heavy metal, THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART Il: THE METAL YEARS. Interviews with some of the music industry's hardest rockers, like Aerosmith, Kiss, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne. Performances by Faster Pussycat, Lizzy Borden, London, Odin and Megadeth.

In the mid 80's a new scene took over the Los Angeles nightlife--Heavy Metal. Loud, rude, sexy, sexist and anti-authoritarian. Penelope Spheeris' THE METAL YEARS  takes an in-depth look at rabid fans, desperate groupies, wanna-be rock stars that go so far as to threaten suicide if they don't "make it." The film also portrays the harsh reality of the music business, where everyone's dream to become a star can't possibly come true.  It's a real life "Spinal Tap" that makes us look back and ask, "What the hell were we doing?"

"Rather like watching a car wreck on the opposite side of a motorway." - Time Out

"Fascinating." - Film4

"This is a well-made, observant documentary, with attitude to spare and plenty of justifiable laughs at the expense of its subjects." - TV Guide's Movie Guide

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Decline of Western Civilization III

Dec 4 to Dec 5
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Penelope Spheeris - 1998 - 86m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation!

An unflinching look into the lives of the hardcore fans of punk rock in Los Angeles, 20 years later. Filmed over the course of 13 months , this 90 minute piece stands as the director's strongest work to date.

Whereas the first installment of the trilogy concerned itself with the birth of a new music genre, PART III focuses on the lifestyles and backgrounds of the fans. Many of them are homeless or occupy squats (abandoned buildings) as their living quarters. They simultaneously evoke emotions of deep empathy and severe distain, as they present a subculture that is impossible to ignore. DECLINE III delves into the underside of this subculture to indicate that Johnny Rotten’s “No Future” reference has taken on a new meaning.

The film is a strange coupling of comedy and tragedy, combining interviews with faithful fans, thought provoking  accounts from those who have an intimate knowledge of the scene and live performances by underground bands: Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Naked Aggression, and The Resistance. Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Rick Wilder (Mau Maus), and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) compare the original late Seventies movement to present day punk rock. Unforgettable characters such as Why-Me?, Hamburger, Troll, Eyeball and Squid paint a seldom seen picture of life and death on the back streets of Hollywood.

"Undoubtedly Spheeris' most penetrating film to date." - Emily Bobrow, Film Journal International

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Legend (1985) - The 30th Anniversay!

Dec 18 to Dec 19
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Ridley Scott - 1985 - 113m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! Students $6 / General $8 - DOOR PRIZES COURTESY OF BUBONICON 48



A visually striking sword and sorcery saga that mixes ample doses of J.R.R. Tolkien, Thomas Mallory, George Lucas, Joseph Campbell and Dungeons and Dragons!  Many years ago, the Earth was an idyllic land of unicorns and bright sunshine. But the forces of light become embroiled are in mortal battle with the forces of darkness --specifically the evil Prince of Darkness (Tim Curry), who lives in dark caverns below the Earth's surface and has nefarious plans to blot out the light of the sun and rule in a perpetual dark shroud of gloom and shadows forever. Into the breach comes peasant hero Jack (Tom Cruise), who sets up to defeat Darkness and let the sun shine through. He meets a young woman named Lili (Mia Sara) and they fall in love. But Lili is lured into the netherworld by a sultry priestess and has become evil herself. Jack sets his sights on the forces of evil and determines to defeat Darkness and save Lili!

"Perhaps ahead of its time … a fascinating film." - James Kendrick, Q Network Film Desk

"A remarkable and bleak fantasy thriller for folks that like their fantasy based on thick characterization and less humongous battles." - Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed

"Legend is a Gothic fairy tale brought to life." - Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine

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