Alibi Midnight Movie


Oct 3 to Oct 4
Friday and Saturday 10:15pm ONLY!

Dir. Leigh Janiak - 2014 - 88m - an ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! $8 general / $6 students - Door Prizes Courtesy of Lobo Anime & Comics!

Young newlyweds Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) travel to remote lake country for their honeymoon, where the promise of private romance awaits them. Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night. As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods.  Treadaway (CONTROL) and Leslie (HBO’s GAME OF THRONES) give captivating leading performances as a couple that takes new love to disturbing depths. With romance slowing giving way to terror, writer/director Leigh Janiak puts her unique stamp on this intimate, chilling thriller.

“VERY, VERY SCARY. It plunges the audience face first into the realm of terror” – Ryland Aldrich, Twitch 

“CLASSIC AND CLEVER. Wonderfully confident, truly unsettling.” Ryan Turek, Shock Till You Drop

“CREEPY AS HELL. The great joy of the film is watching how it blossoms from a tale of a somewhat difficult relationship into something altogether… otherworldly.” – Drew Taylor, The Playlist

“CHILLING” – Sam Zimmerman, Fangoria 

“Told with efficiency and a level of intimacy that’s genuinely unsettling at times.” Drew Tinnin, Dread Central

“Entrenched in exquisite paranoia.” – William Bibbiani, Crave Online

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Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead

Oct 31 to Nov 1
Friday and Saturday 10:15pm

Dir. Tommy Wirkola - 2014 - 100m - Norway/Iceland - in Norwegian and English with English subtitles - an ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! $8 general / $6 students - DOOR PRIZES COURTESY OF STRANGER FACTORY!

If the worst day of your life consisted of accidentally killing your girlfriend with an axe, chain-sawing your own arm off, and watching in horror as your closest friends were devoured by a zombified Nazi battalion, you’d have to assume that things couldn’t get much worse. In Martin’s case, that was only the beginning.

Picking up immediately where the original left off, Dead Snow; Red vs. Dead wastes no time getting right to the gore-filled action, leaving a bloody trail of intestines in its wake. Director Tommy Wirkola returns to the helm with a vengeance, coming up with more inventive ways to maim and dismember than you ever thought possible. Combining wry humor with horrific worst-case scenarios, this follow-up to the 2009 Midnight classic is sure to shock the weak-of-heart and delight even the most hard-core fans of the horror genre. Colonel Herzog is back, and he is not to be f&*ked with.

"Bigger, brasher, bloodier, and with more bowels, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead is a blast." - Brian Tallerico, Film Threat

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Dead Snow 2:  Red Vs. Dead poster


Nov 7 to Nov 8
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm only!

Dir. Various - 2014 - 125m - an ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! $8 general / $6 students - door prizes courtesy of somebody, somewheres!

ABC’s OF DEATH 2 is the follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning from Nigeria to UK to Brazil and everywhere in between. It features segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. The film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABC’s OF DEATH 2 is another global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking.

Shorts to be featured - Amateur by Evan Katz / Badger by Julian Barratt / Capital Punishment by Julian Gilbey / Deloused by Robert Morgan / Equilibrium by Alejandro Brugués / Falling by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado / Grandad by Jim Hosking / Head Games by Bill Plympton / Invincible by Erik Matti / Jesus by Dennison Ramalho / Knell by Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper / Masticate by Robert Boocheck / Nexus by Larry Fessenden / Ochlocracy (mob rule) by Hajime Ohata / P-P-P-P SCARY! By Todd Rohal / Legacy by Lancelot Imasuen / Questionnaire by Rodney Ascher / Roulette by Marvin Kren / Split by Juan Martinez Moreno / Torture Porn by Jen and Sylvia Soska / Utopia by Vincenzo Natali / Vacation by Jerome Sable / Wish by Steven Kostanski / Xylophone by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo / Youth by Soichi Umezawa / Zygote by Chris Nash

“Intense and relentless enough to quench even the most jaded horror fan's thirst." -

“It is common knowledge that sequels rarely, if ever, either improve upon or best their original. Which makes the latest addition to the short horror film anthology The ABC's of Death 2 a truly rare - if not totally unexpected – surprise.” - Twitch Film

“Sick, twisted fun.” - Bloody Disgusting

“A wickedly wild ride through 26 distinct imaginations.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“Far superior to its predecessor.” - Crave Online

“Another winning collection boasting sick, twisted, psychotic fun.” – We Got This Covered 

“If you can’t catch it in the theater, watch it with a six-pack and a handful of good friends who relish in the absurd.” - Dread Central

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V/H/S Viral

Nov 21 to Nov 22
Friday and Saturday

Dir. Various - 2014 - 97m - an ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation! $8 general / $6 students - Door Prizes Courtesy of

A police chase after a deranged ice cream truck has captivated the attention of the greater Los Angeles area. Dozens of fame-obsessed teens flock to the streets with their video cameras and camera phones, hell-bent on capturing the next viral video. But there is something far more sinister occurring in the streets of L.A. than a simple police chase. A resounding effect is created onto all those obsessed with capturing salacious footage for no other purpose than to amuse or titillate. Soon the discovery becomes that they themselves are the stars of the next video, one where they face their own death.

V/H/S Viral is the third installment in the found-footage horror franchise!

"It goes bonkers and brilliant in a way you probably won’t expect." - The Hollywood News

“I've always enjoyed this series, and this 3rd installment is just as fun.” – Ain’t it Cool News 

“The series thus far has served to introduce young horror fans to some of the most talented and creative minds that have been active in the genre.” – We are Movie Geeks 

“V/H/S Viral is a magnificent collection of horror shorts from both established and newer talent in cinema. Fans of the franchise will certainly be pleased, but it’s hard to imagine newcomers to the franchise not being won over as well.” – Next Projection

“If you like your horror mixed with laughs, this anthology threequel is a blast. - IGN 

“It’s a blast; a short, sharp shock of a film that barrels through three highly imaginative short stories and a wraparound with gleeful abandon, and if you just want a good time at a horror movie, you could fare far worse.” – Geek League of America

“Explodes with a newfound imagination and adherence to giving the audience a damn good time.” – Geek League of America 

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V/H/S Viral poster